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The Canada region is currently under development. Check back soon for great destinations, hotels and resorts throughout Canada.

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Canada contains so many more adventures and experiences than you're aware. Visit to understand a profoundly different and personal experience... Like paddling along Newfoundland's famous iceberg alley, where a massive iceberg tower may break apart and a chunk the size of a six-story building slides into the sea before your eyes. Or trying out the shucking delicious and world-renown local oysters on Prince Edward Island. Soak in the magic of Christmastime in Quebec. Sip coffee in a street-side cafe as you prepare to enjoy the Montreal Fashion & Design Festival. Enjoy a 5 star hotel and haute cuisine in Winnipeg and night, and during the day angle for any of Manitoba's 18 indigenous sport fishes. Spontaneous and fulfilling moments. That's what Canada offers travellers, and much, much more...