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Currituck Outer Banks
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Offering visitors a surprisingly diverse environment, the Currituck Outer Banks, located in the northeastern corner of North Carolina, seems to have something for everyone.

In the summer, families flock to its beaches, attracted by a perfect combination of sand, sun and water. But every season brings something special to the Currituck Outer Banks--the temperatures stay temperate through October and the water temperatures are ideal for a dip in the ocean. Although water temperatures are colder, spring is mild, the air is fresh and clean and the beauty of nature is coming to life. Even winter has its own charm, when the forces of nature seem a perfect backdrop for a romantic getaway.

Currituck County has much more than one of the finest beaches in the world to offer. Before the first summer visitor come to the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, its was known as a sportsman’s paradise--a hunting and fishing destination that attracted worldwide attention.

Surrounded by Currituck County, Currituck Sound is a an important part of the Atlantic Flyway. Every autumn hundreds of thousands of waterfowl land in its waters to feed after their long flight from the north. The Sound is a birder’s paradise and Mackey Island National Wildlife Refuge in the northern corner of the county is a must see site for birders and the curious.

With its flat, shallow waters, Currituck Sound is an ideal setting for novice kayakers to learn how to paddle. More Currituck Sound Outer Banks, NCexperienced paddlers will want to explore the many marshes and islands of the sound. Numerous paths and easy hiking trails border the shoreline inviting the whole family to explore the maritime forest that is unique to the Outer Banks.

There is much more to the Currituck Sound than its natural side. One of the first lands inhabited by European settlers, it has a long and fascinating history. Those first settlers were, for the most part, farmers, and that tradition continues today, with produce stands selling just-picked fruits and vegetables.

Currituck County seems to have something for everyone. On the mainland, a slower pace of life that is so much a part of its farming heritage and the Currituck Outer Banks, a sophisticated tourist community that has kept its southern charm.

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