10 Outrageous (yet practical?) Travel Accessories for your Next Trip

We all know family vacations can be unpredictable. Two families traveling to the same city, perhaps in the same hotel, could experience two totally contrasting experiences. Due to this vacation variance, designing travel products that accompany everyone’s needs at once is simply impossible. Of course certain products serve a purpose on most people’s trips, yes, but a few select products arise from wacky travels where product designers somehow saw the need for an item everyone else sees no value. Below are the top 10 travel products that just don’t fit in your suitcase. Any feedback on practicality greatly appreciated!

10. Canine on-the-go Water Bowl – This portable water bowl is useful, sure. But so is the fast food cup or other plastic container you have laying around.

9. CD Tic Tac Toe – Remember the days of pen, paper, and a tic-tac-toe game? Well, they’re still around. Die hard tic-tac-toers may be to differ that this travel game is worth the magnets.

8. Women’s Disposable Bikini Underwear – I know disposable underwear will save packing space as the hike continues. I just prefer to save my underwear and leave no paper trail.

7. Fog-Free Shaving Mirror – Usually there’s a mirror wherever I go. Everywhere besides the woods, but beards fit in better with mother nature anyways.

6. Sun Proof Board Shorts – Sun protective clothing’s concept is a great idea… when the clothes cover more than 10% of your skin.

5. Ladies’ All-in-One ShaveMate – A travel razor that holds your shaving cream inside the handle? That’s pretty nifty! Until you run out of shaving cream after one leg.

4. The Tilly Travel Undershirt – I’m not sure what makes an undershirt a travel undershirt, but you can wash it quickly and dry it anywhere.

3. The Cabin Pillow – This inflatable monster of a travel pillow will shun the snack lady, eliminate all room for any activities, AND hide your flightmate ‘s tray. Oh, and you’ll sleep like a baby.

2. Inflatable Hangers – For what situation does a regular hanger not fit in your suitcase? Perhaps this travel hanger is James Bond’s hanger of choice, two can serve as flotation devices. Also great for mermaids.

1. My Personal Favorite, The Strandle. The description for this carrier handle says it all – “It’s a strap. It’s a handle!” IT’S A STRANDLE!!!

By: Nate Schrader, writer of TravelProducts.com blog

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