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Colorado Is The Heart Of America’s Brewing Industry


Many people don’t realize that Colorado, the “Mile High State,” is the number one source of beer in the United States. From the Molson-Coors brewery in Golden to the massive Anheiser-Busch brewery near Ft. Collins, Colorado produces millions of gallons …

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Cottage Holidays in New Forest and the Lake District

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Are you currently planning your holidays for this year?  If so you might want to consider hiring a cottage and spending a week in a beautiful UK location.  New Forest and the Lake District are two ideal locations for families …

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5 Big Reasons Why the Internet Simplified Traveling

Are you an old-school traveler, from the times before the advent of the Internet? If so, then you probably realize just how much easier travelling is, these days. This is something the newer generations will probably never understand, but world …

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