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About offers reliable ridesharing opportunities that are affordable and easy to access. Drivers and passengers can book a seat online and rate each other for additional convenience and safety. By sharing a ride, people save gas and money, reduce …

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Same-Day Hotel Bookers Infographic

HotelTonight pulled their data to see where the last-minute, same-day hotel bookers were and created the below image. HotelTonight encourages people to live spontaneously by offering great daily hotels deals to encourage this behavior. Each day at noon, HotelTonight releases …

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International incidents while traveling abroad

International incidents while traveling abroad with sample emergency transport costs by MedjetAssist.

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Illegal and or weird stuff to declare when traveling

Airports are wondrous places, bustling with excited holiday makers, businessmen & women travelling to work, airport staff, international smugglers of illegal contraband & customs officials ready to catch them red handed! We take a look at some of the most …

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Travel Etiquette: 5 Tips to Help You Travel with Confidence

Does the thought of traveling make you nervous? What will happen if you fall ill on your holiday? What happens if you are immersed in a culture that you know nothing about? Sometimes the stress of taking a vacation can …

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Unraveling the Night Life of Las Vegas

The night life in Las Vegas has constantly been evolving in the past 10 years. Whatever the changes might be, it remains to be one of those countries that offer the best activities and sceneries at night. With its multiple …

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Top 5 Springtime Vacation Destinations

Depending on where you live, spring offers you a chance to get some much needed sunshine or snow. While you may be tempted to stay home and miss the spring break craze, remember that come April most students are back …

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How to Have a stress free holiday on the slopes

Whether the holiday in question is spring break, Easter, Thanksgiving or New Year’s, it’s always a good idea to plan ahead when you want to spend holidays on the slopes. Visit for travel tips and news from Breckenridge, Colorado.

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Holidaying in the Down Under

You could be an adrenalin junkie set out for a trip of your lifetime with just a bag pack and your sleeping bag or a sophisticated traveler who only prefers resorts and boutique hotels as your only accommodation if you …

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Tips to Avoid Bedbugs when Traveling

Bedbugs can disrupt a fabulous trip quicker than almost anything else and leave you with an itchy rash for several days as well. Although these bites are usually not harmful and the itching will abate in several days, travelers who …

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