A Journey to South East Asia – Top 5 Travel Destinations in SE Asia

Ok folks! Pack up! We’re going on a journey to South East Asia!

This amazing part of the world has all kinds of colorful cultures, exotic foods, romantic beaches, and excellent vocational spots that you could ever wish for! Each country in the southeastern region has a rich history, wandering around at these places; you will be lost in the rich cultures and strong adherence to traditions. You will also note that even though some of these regions are not economically powerful, the locals manage to face each day with smile and determination, ensuring that their culture and traditions are not lost amidst the race to modernization. Perhaps this vulnerability, the strength, and determination are what make Southeast Asia a very different traveling experience.

In case you are looking for a different vacation this year, make sure, you choose any of the following five destination spots. Of course, these are not the sole attractions in their respective countries and once you set foot in the region, you will be having many more surprises, but let’s talk of the highlights.

1). Ayuttahya – Thailand
When Thailand is mentioned, vacationers only think of Bangkok, the capital of Thailand. Agreeably, Bangkok is one of the most popular tourist destinations of Thailand, but limiting Thailand to Bangkok is not something you would want to do. So, if you plan to go on a vacation to Thailand, instead of exploring the bursting Bangkok, we suggest you stop by at Ayuttaya, a UNESCO World Heritage site that holds the history of Thailand in its arms.

Unlike Bangkok, Ayuttahaya is more like a place for historical exploration. Consisting of the ruins from Thailand’s imperial times, the city is also known as the Historic City and is pretty close to Bangkok. The city itself is a small island that is surrounded by three rivers and hence it also has some of the most amazing landscapes of the Thai region. A place for quiet reflection, you can visit the various temple ruins located at the north-west of the island, whereas, you would have to go towards the north-east to be able to get lodgings.

2). Bali – Indonesia
Indonesia is a huge island, made up of 13,000 islands and Bali is easily the most favorite place for tourists. Bali itself is an island of diversified cultures combined with ultra modern living and luxurious vacation spots. The island is an ideal summer beach vacation, not only do you get to spend quality time at beautiful beaches, you can also take a tour of the city’s ultra modern shopping malls, art galleries and renaissance museums. The one single Balinese museum you wouldn’t want to miss is the Agung Rai Museum of Art that hosts some of the most antique and unique Balinese art pieces.
Make sure you have fun at the Kuta Beach, famous for its recreational activities. Other than that, you may also want to explore the spiritual side of Bali – The Holy Mountain known in the local language as the Gunung Agung. And while you are there, you can also find some peaceful reflections from the Besakih Temple that is one of the biggest and most popular temples in Bali.
Bali has a lot to offer, and if you are visiting for the first time, you will at least need up to 3 weeks to visit all the worthwhile places.

3). Mount Kinabulu – Malaysia
Not a water person? What about hiking then? And if hiking is your passion, the Mount Kinabulu of Malaysia is certainly not to be missed.
A word of caution though, we are talking about the third tallest mountain in Southeast Asia, so this one might not be an ideal vacation for families or people looking for some relaxed leisure time.
The mountain is estimated to be at 13,400 feet but it is not really tough to hike, though it depends on your fitness or pervious mountain climbing experiences! If you are getting wary by all those word of cautions, here’s the good part. It’s not just one huge mountain that you have to climb; instead the entire region is a World Heritage Site with its unique botanical and biological habitat. There are more than 300 bird species and over a 100 mammalian species. The very famous ape family, called the ORANGUTAN lives here! In short, the nature is at its best and fullest in this part of the world.

4). Dalat – Vietnam
Dalat has and will always be termed as the heaven of Vietnam. On your arrival, you’ll feel like you’re in a magical land of flowing streams, deep rivers, green forests and large farm lands coupled with a beautiful home town. However, being a foreigner, traveling in Dalat (or in Vietnam for that matter), is quite a daunting task if you don’t have a friend or trustworthy guide. But if you can arrange one, you will be pleasantly surprised by the aromatic cuisines and the cultural livelihood that is masked with a modernistic approach.
The reason is that Vietnam is still in its development phase and hasn’t really opened much to the outside world. The country still needs to build recreational spots for tourists and visitors. But, if you’re on a mood to explore a little, you’ve got to try this heaven on Earth at least once.

5). Singapore
While talking of touring in Singapore, it would be unfair to point out to any specific location, as the entire city is a great amalgamation of modern lifestyle while maintaining the local culture; not to mention, it is one of the most orderly, cleanest and sophisticated state of the entire region. Filled with amazing landscapes and exotic beaches, this city has plenty to offer.

It does not adhere to any strict cultural lifestyle as it is quite diversified, celebrating holidays and traditions of all the three major religions of the world. This city has over 50 major parks, 4 natural reserves and it is a shopper’s paradise, with its exquisite malls and elegant buildings. By the way, the official language is English! So you don’t need lots of guidance or supervision to move around.

There you go! 5 most stunning destinations for the unique traveler in you. Whether you’re looking for a splashing vacation, a historical vacation or a hiking vacation, Southeast Asia has it all for you! Enjoy your stay folks!

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