A quick guide on how to prepare for an adventurous holiday

If you’re an adrenaline junkie or a crazy fund raiser you might be tasked with an adventure of a life time that could take you to some of the most magnificent places around the world. If you plan on facing a walk around the Sahara desert or the great wall of China or even facing the killer Kilimanjaro, it’s often best to be over prepared for you adventure holiday.

It can be just as difficult going by your-self or a group of friends than it is with a family. Regardless of the situation you need to be able to deal with what mother nature throws at you and to do this you will need the right attitude, training, fitness and equipment. Before you go ahead and hop on the next plane to swim the rock of Gibraltar take a look at a few tips:

Don’t pack a pencil, when you need a pen


It is not always easy packing your whole like into a ruck sack, especially if you are planning on participating in an extreme sport such as climbing. It’s always advised to research the equipment you need and whenever possible ensure you don’t cut corners to save your money. It’s crucial that you pack the essentials and never go on a whim of thinking you will be able to pick up what you need a village in the middle of nowhere. Many holiday providers can offer you the equipment for need, depending on your activity of course.


I never knew paper could cost this much!


Before you get your heart settled on your extreme adventurous holiday destination it’s vital you check Visa and inoculation requirements with the National Foreign Office. You should check this regardless of whether or not you’re traveling independently or with a company as if you don’t check and you go against you national offices advice most of the time your insurance will be invalid. There a some adventure insurance companies that will catering your requires around your trip, these are often better to approach compared to the main lenders.


Let’s play I-spy


If you decide to book your adventure through any company make sure you do your research into that company, ask representatives about the experience and qualifications of their staff, as your life may just be in their hands. If you are being supplied with their equipment through your journey you can ask if it has been certified safe and has been tested for any faults. You can always look at the companies and equipment reviews online, this will give you piece of mind!


The lone warrior


If you brave it without the backing of an organisation, you should create a checklist to ensure you don’t mess it up! A good place to start is the sport or activity you will be undertaking on your jollies, you need to be aware of the dangerous and potential pitfalls whilst on the road to your destination and whilst participating in your adventure. Another important thing to remember is to always have local emergency numbers and insurance documentation with you and that someone knows where you are heading each day encase an accident does happen. It’s inevitable that you will at some point require a first aid kit for those blisters, cuts and minor injuries, don’t forget to take one and ensure you pack plenty of plasters.


Go hard or you go home


You have heard the saying you shouldn’t run before you can walk right? Well in this case it is more than accurate, you should never go into an extreme sport or adventure with little experience and technique. Your body is going to be under a lot of strain through your various activities, if you do not train your body will feel the full force of your actions. If you are a newcomer to a sport or an adventure holiday, try to condition your body before your trip to deal with strain. There are several ways this can be achieve trough your home gym, sports centre or local gym. It’s crucial that you build you undertake regular cardiovascular through highly intense workout on the treadmill or through running. This will enable all over fitness and ensure you can keep going for longer in your chosen activity. Whether you’re experienced or not spending some time preparing your body will help minimize injury during your trip.



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