An Extra Special Holiday with an African Safari Holiday

For some people an African safari holidays are dream and a once in a lifetime holiday. And some people think it’s just mud and dirt with no elements of luxury, more of an expedition than a holiday. This should help clear up some queries and answer your questions about safari holidays.

More Than Just Walking in Mud and Dirt
Safari holidays are more than just walking in dirt and mud to see the big five animals. You can now book to have your own self-drive safari holiday in a hire vehicle or follow a guided tour. If you do under take a self-drive safari holiday it is advised to plan your route carefully down to the littlest detail as it is dangerous to get lost in the park especially after the sun has gone down. The roads are fairly safe to drive on as they are paved or gravelled so it is easy for anyone to drive across but remember to keep your speed down as you will miss the sights if you travel to fast, the recommended speed would be around 12mph-15mph.

No Luxury Lost
Some people vision safari holidays as staying in mud huts or tents in the game reserve but it is nothing like that at all, the hotels across the game reserve range from 3 star to 5 star hotels. With all the luxuries you’d expect in any other hotel of the same quality rating. Be greeted with a friendly smile by the hotel staff and meet the chefs who will be cooking your high quality meals. Enjoy luxury hotel rooms with all the added extras.

Catered for Everyone
No one is left in the dark on a safari holiday. Holidays in the game reserve are available for every one of any ability and many themed holidays also such as train safaris, honeymoons and romance holidays, weddings, photo specialised safaris, disabled safari, horse riding safari, walking, astronomy and much more.

Things to Experience
The reserve is beautiful and amazing with many sights to experience but one of the best sights not to be missed is the watering holes in the afternoon. This is the busiest moment of the day and the best place to catch the best views of the animals that the game reserve has to offer.

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