An insider’s guide to Grenada

It feels like you’ve seen the same holiday snaps from every friend and relative who’s been abroad for the last decade; sunburned kid in the pool, sunburned Mom on chaise lounge, sunburned Dad throwing kid in pool, a banana boat too far out to sea to see who’s on it, Mom having a siesta, Dad after too many sangrias, oh, and a sunburned kid on the pool.

Nobody cares about that rock you sunbathed on, or that man who was really funny in the bar that night or that shell you found that looked like a face – you need unforgettable memories, unusual souvenirs and amazing stories to tell when you get home that your friends and family haven’t already heard a million times and that you will treasure forever. It’s time to break the summer holiday mould and bring home some photos really worth talking about!

Grenada couldn’t be a better place for the holiday of a lifetime.

Forget sunbathing, swimming and the usual guided tours because Grenada is packed with strange, exciting and unforgettable things to see and do no matter how long you’re staying holidaying in the Caribbean! My advice? Pack an underwater camera and some walking boots that go with your bikini and save plenty of room to bring back some of the island’s specialties.

We’ve all done the obligatory museum visits on holiday abroad to try to make ourselves feel less guilty about ignoring the local culture and lying on the beach with our eyes closed but in Grenada you’ll find a sculpture museum definitely worth leaving your sun lounger for. In fact it’s even on a beach so you can still enjoy the sand between your toes! Grenada’s underwater sculpture park in Moilinere Bay is filled with 65 sculptures ranging from figures based on the island’s men and women to typewriters, kitchen utensils and bicycles which were designed to create an artificial reef to attract sea life to the bay. You can visit the eerie yet unforgettable scenes either by snorkeling, scuba diving or taking a trip on a glass-bottomed boat and there are plenty of guides to take you down if you prefer.

Lively tourists will love Grenada because once you’ve acclimatised to the gorgeous weather; you can start to explore some of this Caribbean island’s hidden gems. Don your walking boots (or comfortable sandals) and lather on the sun cream for a hike through the rainforest of Grand Etang National Forest. Treks can last from 15 minutes to 5 or 6 hours so there’s something to suit everyone from young to old and lazy to lively! Head to the beautiful Grand Etang Lake to cool off or take a dip under the Seven Sisters waterfalls a little further on. If you’ve got any energy left you could keep going to Concord Falls where you can camp in one of the most beautiful rainforests in the world surrounded by exotic wildlife and amazing plant life.

For those of us who need a few days off after a day of hiking up Grenada’s mountains and waterfalls, (or who need to load up on energy beforehand), a leisurely visit to the Grenada Chocolate Company is a must. See how the cocoa is grown, how the beans are fermented and how the chocolate is finally made – and buy some to take home!

Grenada is also famous for its rum so make sure you leave time for a visit to the rum distillery at River Antoine on the north east coast. The way they make rum here hasn’t changed for generations so not only will you be amazed by their techniques, the people and the scenery, but you’ll also get the chance to sample a cheeky taste of rum too.

Island-hopping in the Caribbean isn’t unusual as there are plenty of tour guides and ferries to get your from island to island. But you can add an exciting twist to this holiday activity by hiring your own boat and sailing around the Caribbean yourself. Why not try out Sandy Island or Carriacou?

And last but not least, no visit to the ‘Spice Island’ would be complete without a trip to a spice plantation. Dougladston Estate is the last of its kind on the island and dates back to the 18th century so not only is it a fantastic place to visit and learn about spices, it’s also a hands-on history lesson. The Estate is located just outside Gouyave and can be reached in a hire car or local buses.

Make your camera work harder this summer and have an unforgettable adventure in Grenada!

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