Best Websites for Travel Deals

This is a guest post written by Mindy Clairbel. Mindy runs MyCCFinder, a website that offers several Hot Deals promo codes, and discount codes on just about everything.

A nice vacation is something we all enjoy. Just getting away from your hometown, seeing what else is out there and getting away from the office are all great reasons why a vacation is often enjoyed.

I think it’s also safe to say that we all love vacations, but we often limit how often we go just because of how costly they can be. Although they can be costly, like anything we can find ways to make them cheaper. By considering the time of year you go, the destination and how long you’re going for, the price can fluctuate very easily. To start finding a good deal though, you must first use a good travel website to find you that good deal.

TravelZoo: TravelZoo is probably my favorite travel website. Every Wednesday they can send you an e-mail of the best travel deals for the week. This includes everything from tours around Europe, hot spots in the Virgin Islands and Alaskan cruises. If there’s a good deal out there, TravelZoo will definitely let you know.

Expedia: Expedia is another great site to consider. They have everything from rates on rental cars, airfare and even hotel deals. This is a well known site that strives to find you the best deals.

Kayak: What I like about Kayak is that it compares all the prices with other top leading companies. So say that you’re looking for the cheapest way to fly from Michigan to Arizona, they will compare rates with all the airlines out there. Then, you can easily decide because it will tell you the cheapest way to get there.

Priceline: Priceline is also great because you can “name your own price”. Say you want to stay at a hotel in Colorado. You can then decide how many stars you want it to be and you can sort by other things like price and reviews. Once you have a whole list of hotels to choose from, you can find the one that you’re interested in and offer a price. They will then let you know if it’s accepted or not. I’ve been able to save about $50 on a hotel before just through this site!

If you’re looking to take a vacation in the near future, you may not have to save up as much money as you had thought. With the help of these sites, they will surely find you the best deals out there. They are all easy to use and may even help you get in an extra vacation each year!

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