Come Discover Klamath, OR

Klamath County

Klamath County in Oregon provides some of the most enjoyable nature tours and scenic road trip options for guests of all ages. With options of many picturesque lakes, mountain ranges, craters, and beautiful lush trails, all within its vicinity, the Klamath County truly offers an enjoyable and authentic nature experience to each traveler.

Visitors flock into this tourist destination all through the year. However, summer and fall are the two major touristy seasons to visit Klamath Falls. Although the weather starts to turn cool and breezy every fall, visitors come here to join the festivities, enjoy some fall activities, and embark on charming nature tours. If outdoor recreation is what you are looking for, then Klamath is a great choice for you to explore.

Some of the popular activities in this county include nature trails. Hikers and trekkers often come here to take the 1.5 mile scenic route on the Link River Trail along the Link River to Upper Klamath Lake. Bird watchers and photographers, however, prefer the Wingwatchers Nature Trail. This 1.1 mile hike takes you on a journey along the shores of Lake Ewauna. Expect to encounter many local bird species on your way to the lake. Equestrians and bikers shouldn’t miss taking the Woods Line State Trail. This huge nature trail is perfect for some adventurous biking, scenic walks, horseback riding, and picnicking.

Crater Lake Tour

For a half or full-day Crater Lake Tour, take out a day from your busy Oregon vacation schedule. Come here to enjoy the breathtaking views and magnificent beauty of the valley, the national park, pristine Crater Lake, and the Pacific Crest Trail. Group and private tours to the lake are offered by many local tour operators. Guests can always find more information on these tours on the visitors guide to Klamath. Request a guide or some travel brochures of Oregon online or by giving a call to the visitors’ center.

Foodie Festival

Take part in local fall festivals, held during the harvest season. The Favell Museum hosts the famous art show and sale every October. Food lovers shouldn’t miss exploring the Foodie Retreat held during the month of September. A number of bird lovers come to Klamath basic to enjoy the sights of bald eagle species. The peak time, however, is during every winter.

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