Couch Surfing on Vacation?

Vacationing has changed through the years. In the past, it was expected that you would overpay for a small hotel room and stay in a tourist town for a few days. It would be difficult to cramp several activities into your short stay, but you would do your best. In addition to the hotel room being overpriced, the attractions would often be overpriced as well. This trap still exists today in cities like Orlando, Myrtle Beach, San Diego and many more. For instance, there are surprisingly few hotel rooms available in New York City, and this really drives up cost. However, the difference between today and the past is that it’s much easier to go on a discount vacation.


The economy has played a major role in the evolution of vacationing. While a slow economy is a negative for most people and situations, it’s a positive for travel. Since the demand is lower, prices decrease across the board. This might be the case for attractions, restaurants and hotels, but most people today really want to get away from it all and make it count. Therefore, they choose to go away for longer periods of time. That being the case, they look into renting a vacation home or a house swap, and even staying on the couch of a stranger. Yes, that’s right! Couch surfing for a quick in-and-out business trip or instead of a youth hostel. Currently, there is a lot of travel information available for how these options work, but we can cover the basics here.


If you choose to go with a house swap, then all you will need to do is swap your home with another family. In order to make sure you swap with trustworthy individuals, check the reviews and ratings for that family and their home. The big benefit of a house swap is that you don’t have to pay for accommodations. You can find information here,, and there are other sites as well.


If you live in Charlotte, North Carolina, and you would like to visit Sanibel Island, Florida, then look for someone who is offering a house swap near Sanibel Island. If you find someone with great reviews and high ratings, then you know they can be trusted. From there, book your trip, look for a tourism brochure for Sanibel Island and pack your bags. You can cut costs by visiting Vacation Rental By Owner, or, the famous and long-existing web site.


As for couch surfing in an urban setting, you’ll want to visit and Angie’s List as well among other web sites. From there you can see images of clean, reputable, sophisticated urban digs where you can check in quickly for a few nights’ stay without paying for extraneous costs like marketing, employees, maintenance, etc… It’s a great no frills option for both the traveler looking to cut costs, and, for the homeowner with extra space in a desirable destination.


It doesn’t matter if it’s Sanibel Island, Paducah, Kentucky or the Upper East Side, if you would like to see other parts of the country, then the options abound even if you are low on funds. Instead of feeling cramped in a hotel room, you will have an entire house to use. By day, you can explore. By night, you can kick your feet up, sit back on the couch and watch your favorite TV shows with the family. It’s like being on vacation while still being at home, which is the best of both worlds.

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