Cruising the Caribbean

The Caribbean is a magical place, with jewel bright waters and pearly beaches. Cruising the Caribbean brings you close to the warmth and natural beauty the islands have to offer, and allows visits too many varied ports of call. You are not confined to one shore, but can see as many destinations as you have the time for as you sail the crystal clear waters the Caribbean is known for.

The Caribbean stretches from Florida to South America, and takes in the Easter coast of Mexico as well. You could spend a lifetime exploring all the coastline, ports, and islands encompassed in the region. In a typical week long cruise, you can sample four or five destinations, leaving many more for the return visit.

Antigua offers both beaches and history. The multitudes of snow white beaches are easy to access from the ship, and the historical port that once hosted Lord Nelson is open to explorers who appreciate living history. There is also a rainforest in the interior of the island, and even more history in the form of archaeological digs.

Trinidad’s Carnival during the Lenten season is one of the largest and best known celebrations of the Caribbean. The parades, the music, the sheer artistry of the costumes make this over-the-top pageantry worth a visit. For the slower paced visit, Trinidad boasts some of the best bird watching in the Caribbean, and a visit between May and September allows turtle watching, as sea turtles nest on Northeastern Trinidad.

Barbados offers beautiful beaches, and the option to take a submarine tour to explore the underside of the Caribbean – possibly even more beautiful that the topside. Barbados is a quieter, more relaxed destination for those seeking the slower pace.

San Juan, Puerto Rico, is not only one of the top destinations in the Caribbean, but well worth a visit. The history, food, and music all blends to make this an entertaining spot for any visitor. Be sure to walk along the Paseo La Princesa and climb up to La Fortaleza.

The Cayman Islands are a treat for the eyes, both above and below water. One of the best places for diving, it offers marine life, clear waters, and historic shipwrecks accessible to beginning divers. Natural wonders abound in the archipelago, and a little exploration will be richly rewarded. Royal Caribbean offer cheap cruises all year round from all major ports sailing the Caribbean waters. Contact your travel agent or visit the Royal Caribbean website to check prices.

Shon Siemonek from Cheap Deal Cruises

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