Don’t Let Travel Ruin Your Medication Schedule

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Traveling to exotic far off lands is a dream for many people. Some save their whole lives to be able to enjoy the vacation of their dreams. No matter how exciting it may be, traveling can disrupt more than just our sleep; it can dramatically alter our daily routines, especially if we are traveling across different time zones. If you’re planning a big vacation this year and are on prescription medication, here are some steps that you can take to make sure that your plans don’t interfere with your medication schedule:

Time Changes

Whether you are traveling across the country or across the ocean, the time can vary by four hours or more, depending on where you’re headed. What happens if you live in Michigan but will be spending two weeks in Europe where they are five hours ahead? You need to discuss your plans with your doctor to be sure that you continue to take your medication properly.

Your doctor may have you begin adjusting your schedule gradually in the weeks leading up to your trip. Don’t skip a dose before you leave, thinking that you will adjust your schedule on your own, and never take a pill at the right time at home and then again when it’s the correct time in your host country. Skipping doses or taking extra doses could have serious affects on your health and safety.

Activity Changes

Part of the fun of taking a vacation is changing your daily routine and experiencing new things. Your new schedule can easily cause you to forget to take your prescription medication. If you have a mobile device, download an app that will remind you when it’s time to take your next dose. Alternatively, you can invest in a cheap wristwatch and set the alarm to coincide with your medication schedule. Setting reminders for yourself will ensure that you can get out and enjoy your holiday without the worry of missed doses.


If your return trip is delayed for any reason, you want to make sure that you have enough medication to last until you get home. Ask your doctor to prescribe enough medication for the duration of your vacation plus one extra week. This will ensure that you have enough pills or injections in the event of some type of emergency or delay.
Note about Traveling with Prescriptions

Many people utilize pill organizers at home or other types of storage methods for their prescription medication. When you travel, be sure to keep your medications in their original vials and leave these organizers behind. It is illegal in many countries to store or transport your prescriptions in anything other than the bottle from the pharmacy. You don’t want to be stopped at the border or in customs simply because you’re carrying your pills in a sandwich bag. If you are prescribed controlled substances, have your doctor write a letter on his or her stationery explaining what the drug is and why you need it.

If you take prescribed medication on a regular basis, traveling doesn’t have to be a hassle. Talk to your doctor about your plans, have your medication schedule adjusted accordingly and set reminders for yourself. If you do these things, you’ll find that traveling doesn’t have to interfere with your medication schedule.

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