Eating in Marrakech

Marrakech is a city that will send your senses racing, with an oasis of smells, sights and food that will delight food lovers and leave you wanting to explore more of this wondrous region. Morocco is famed for delicious tangines, couscous, hummus and refreshing mint tea. However with an array of restaurants, cafes, bars and street stalls you may be wondering where to start. Here is how to make the most of Marrakech’s food culture.

Explore the food stalls of the Jemma El Fna Market

The Jemma El Fna is the living heartbeat of Marrakech, with the square providing a cultural meeting point for residents and visitors of the city. During the day the Jemma El Fna is a collection of the weird and wonderful, you can expect to find snake charmers and traditional tooth pullers sharing the square with food stalls and market traders. Whilst observing the square make sure you try the orange juice available during the day, freshly picked oranges provide the perfect refreshment for this time of the day.
As daytime falls in Marrakech the Jemma El Fna market becomes an open air restaurant and there is an open invitation for all. The smoke of grilled meat illuminates the night air and the hustle and bustle Marrakech is renowned for comes to the fore. Within the square there is well over 70 food stalls all vying for your attention, so leave another room to try many of the dishes on offer. Marrakech is renowned for its tangines, which is a slow cooked meat stew with vegetables and North African spices. Do not be put off by a long queue for a stall; this is an indication of good food! On Marrakech Holidays the Jemma El Fna will be at the centre of a lot of your activity, so try a different stall each night for the most enjoyable experience.

Come alive with the Bars & Restaurants

Marrakech also has a thriving restaurant culture to explore, with an array of food and drink to sample. Visitors can enjoy eating in traditional restaurants, or experience the contemporary restaurants and bars of the new town. Morocco is a predominantly Islamic region, but because it is open to its visitors it does not discriminate against those who drink in public. For those who are looking for a quieter drink and meal, the medina (old town) is a myriad of small bars and restaurants to sample. A little exploration will reward you with a dining experience to enjoy and behold. For the ultimate night meal head to a restaurant that has a roof top terrace, allowing you to sample the unique atmosphere of Marrakech over some good food.

Although Moroccan cuisine is a delicacy for many, you may yearn for a taste of home or a variation of the cuisine after many days in Marrakech. For a contemporary meal with a Moroccan twist the Abbysin within the grounds of the Palais Rhoul Hotel is perfect. This outdoor space is romantically adorned with all white furniture and romantically lit candles, so it is perfect for couples on holiday in the city.

Café Culture in Marrakech

For light eating during the day visitors should explore the vibrant café culture in Marrakech.  The city is built for exploring and visiting the souks is one of the most popular things to do in Marrakech , so head down the side alleys and the infamous souks of Marrakech to discover the best cafes in the region. The cuisine available will vary in size and price, so you can enjoy a light meal or simply enjoy a drink. Again for brilliant views of Marrakech and the surrounding Atlas Mountains head to a café that has a roof top terrace, where you can enjoy a traditional mint tea and take in all the city has to offer.

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