Experience the beauty of the Pacific Northwest

As soon as you arrive in Seattle you will be intrigued and inspired by the landscape and beauty before your eyes. The Pacific Northwest has a wonderful mix of sea, mountains, and forest unlike any other part of the country. A local travel guide may direct you to many of the well known attractions located here. Seeing the space needle is always a top priority, as well as experiencing Mt. Rainier. In addition, Seattle is a city rich in sports and perhaps a ballgame is on the to do list. Visitors may drive from Seattle to Portland, Oregon in a matter of hours and experience that city as well.

There are many other things to do in this area that are off the beaten path. While in Seattle, visitors should definitely check out Pike Place market. This is a fresh marketplace located on Puget sound with some magnificent fresh seafood and other products. As a matter of fact, one cannot go wrong dining at any of the restaurants along the Sound in this part of the city. The freshness of the seafood is truly amazing and makes the taste quite unique. One may also visit a local favorite, the Hurricane cafe. This is truly an amazing place that serves food all night. The various hashed brown dishes are just what the doctor ordered after a night on the town.

Although Seattle itself is a gorgeous city, the surrounding areas have a lot too offer as well. Hop in the car and take a drive to North Bend, Fall City, or Carnation. These quaint towns all have breathtaking scenery. During ski season, one may visit Snoqualmie pass for some time on the slopes. If skiing is not your thing, you may also take a drive inland. This is an incredible change of scenery as you go from seaside, to gigantic pine forests, to mountains, and finally to almost desert looking terrain as you get further inland.

Any travel guide worth their salt should also suggest a short drive up to Vancouver, British Columbia. Visitors to this area are able to experience the beauty and charm of the Pacific Northwest but in another country! Vancouver has a lot to offer, including spectacular day cruises as well as very interesting architecture. Gas Town is a fabulous part of the city, known for its brick paved streets lined with bars and restaurants.

Whatever your preferences, this area of the world has something for everyone and is home to some of the most beautiful scenery ever created!

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