Helpful Travel Tips

Start Planning Early

You should try to start planning a trip about three months in advance. If you are unable to do that, start as early as you can. Get travel guides and other tourist information from two or three of your top destination choices. Once you have had a couple of weeks to look through the travel guides, make your choice. That way you will have more options for hotels, attractions, car rentals, and airline reservations, however the longer you wait, the more likely hotel rooms will be unavailable, performances sold out, or be unable to catch a flight.

Contact the Convention and Visitors Bureau

Almost any destination you want to visit will have a Convention and Visitors Bureau nearby. These agencies want you to visit, so they can provide you with lots of useful information and they can probably answer any questions you may have, such as the best nearby Italian restaurant, the hotel closest to the shopping mall, or whether there is a shuttle service between your hotel and the airport. You will also be able to find out about any special events going on during the time you will be there and driving directions. You may even be able to find these answers on their websites.

Ask People You Know

If you know anybody who has already traveled to where you want to go, ask them about their experience. They will be able to tell you about that really great restaurant they tried, or that hotel that had excellent service. They may know a good place for you to park, or special deal being offered.

Currency Check

If you are traveling somewhere that uses a different currency, start watching the exchange rate. You may be able to get a better deal if you exchange your money before you leave, especially if the timing is right.

Check with your credit card company to learn about any fees they might charge on purchases out of the country and to let them know where you’ll be traveling.

Bring Smaller Bills

If you bring lots of small bills and change, you can tip a waiter or put money in a parking meter without having to find a place to get change.

Buy at Home

Many items are much cheaper to buy before you travel, such as film, batteries, toiletries, and non-perishable snacks.

Contact Your Cellular Telephone Service Provider

If you plan to bring your cellular telephone along on your vacation, check with your service provider to find out any applicable roaming charges, or what kind of service you can expect at your destination.

Check the Weather

Check the weather on the day before you leave—on the Internet, in your newspaper, or even by calling the Convention and Visitors Bureau. By checking the weather, you can know if you need to pack some warmer or cooler clothes.

Distinctive Luggage

If you are flying, having distinctive luggage can help you find it easily at baggage claim. For example, put a sticker on the side of your suitcase or get a bright colored luggage strap.

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