High days and holidays under the Floridian sun

The term holiday comes from the phrase ‘holy days’. Back in the nineteenth century most working class people only had time off on Sundays, Christmas or Easter – if they were lucky. A ‘holyday’ for our hardworking ancestors would have consisted – again if they were lucky – of a day trip to the seaside. Thankfully, for modern Brits, holidays have evolved; most families now take at least one foreign holiday each year and far-flung locations such as Florida are now common destinations. In these belt-tightening times, the idea of taking your holidays in Florida in 2012 may seem unlikely, but cheap Florida holidays are available and for those looking for twin centre holidays in the USA, Florida has a lot to offer.

Why Florida?

The climate: Florida is located at the far south east of the USA, a low-lying State forming a peninsula with shores on the Atlantic, the Gulf of Mexico and the Straits of Florida, which lead to the tropical Caribbean. The temperatures are fantastic all year round and the climate is classed as sub-tropical. The State boasts one of the oldest cities in the mainland US, founded by Europeans; these early tourists immediately spotted the potential of the region for settlement, and the rest, as they say is history.

Theme parks: we can’t mention Florida and not mention theme parks! Home to Walt Disney World® Resort, SeaWorld® Orlando and Universal Orlando Resort®, Florida leads in the arena of family holidays. The great thing about the theme parks is that they offer a fantastic range of entertainment for kids of all ages. For toddlers and small children, SeaWorld® Orlando is a fantastic experience, with the chance to get up close and personal with some monsters from the deep. Walt Disney World® Resort is the resort for those with older kids entering their teens, a magical theme park with a host of rides and experiences, while the Universal Orlando Resort® offers older kids and thrill junkies a treat indeed.

Beaches: the closest beaches to Orlando lie on the Gold Coast – this is also the home to the Kennedy Space Center, home to NASA’s Space Shuttle Program. Cape Canaveral is still the venue for unmanned launches into space – a sight worth seeing if you get the chance and one that will remain firmly implanted in the minds of the kids for many years to come. The coast around Canaveral has been left undeveloped and the beaches here are famous for their unspoilt beauty and relaxed pursuits. For a break from theme parks, the beaches offer the chance to sit back and chill, or swim, or surf or dive!

Florida Villas

Florida villa holidays offer a great, economical, way to make the most of a family holiday to Florida in 2012. Villas in Florida can be very cost effective and give you the freedom to do a little exploration of your own. Cheap Florida holidays are available from a range of tour operators and flights are available from most UK airports.

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