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As more and more people are trying to stay above the economic fray, working vacations are becoming more common. However, just because you’re working while on vacation doesn’t mean that you can’t have a great time. One of the best destinations for a working vacation is Hilton Head Island, SC.

Choose Hilton Head Island

Located just two hours from beautiful and historic Charleston, South Carolina. Hilton Head Island is a getaway like no other. Working professionals can relax on sandy beaches, stretch out in luxurious hotel rooms and send data back and forth from the office while enjoying the view on their own terms. While on a working vacation, some may choose to use the technology of web chat and business-class email services to stay in contact with superiors and colleagues. In their free time, they can soak up the sun or relax near the ocean.

Technology and More

If you take advantage of a working vacation on Hilton Head Island, you may also want to consider using the latest technology of fax to email services to get important documents back to the office. Fax through email services function just like normal fax services, only you won’t have to deal with cumbersome dial-up connections and blurry copies. Instead, your office or intended recipient will have a crisp, clear and permanent record of your fax image for record-keeping purposes.

Convenience You Expect

Hilton Head Island also offers an airport that can accommodate business and vacation travelers with ease. Whether you need to fly into Hilton Head from a big city or a small town, Hilton Head Island’s airport is available to assist you. In addition, you can catch a ride to your working vacation destination from the airport using one of Hilton Head Island’s many transportation services.

The Latest in Technology

You can also find access to the latest in technology on Hilton Head Island. In the past, some areas of the Deep South suffered from a technology drought, but these days, areas such as Hilton Head have everything a working professional could hope for, including high-speed Internet access, fax machines, advanced computer technology and more. Many hotels in the Hilton Head Island area offer visitors free access to Wi-Fi Internet, but some charge a nominal fee for a hardwired connection for desktop and laptop access.

More Than Just Work

Many working professionals who visit Hilton Head Island for a working vacation also choose to branch out into Beaufort County for a little taste of history. Beaufort County is home to over 900 square miles of beautiful national parks, scenic overlooks and historic preserves. Although history is intriguing, golfing also draws a lot of visitors to this area. Within a one hour radius of Beaufort, there are dozens of world-class golf courses. This area is considered by some to be a golfer’s paradise.

The next time you need to take a vacation, but you have to get some work done, consider visiting Hilton Head Island, SC. With access to beautiful landscapes, warm beaches, historic places, championship golfer courses, and so much more, Hilton Head Island is the place to be for tourists and working professionals alike.

Krista Langford is from the Southeast, and has visited Hilton Head Island with her family. She is a contributing author for Aplus.net a convenient online services provider for your business. Their online tools can streamline your business communications and enhance customer relationships.

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