Historic Places to Visit in Cartersville, GA

Travel information informs us that Cartersville, Georgia, is approximately 42 miles west of Atlanta. A good vacation brochure can introduce you to many of the historic sites there that date back to before and after the Civil War.

Natural Beauty

Historic Allatoona Lake Recreational Facilities will entice you to stop awhile and enjoy the lake and camping facilities. It has the seclusion of wilderness camping combined with the convenience of a nearby town. Engage in the available water sports or explore the hiking trails. The Visitor’s Center has travel information and vacation brochures for your convenience. In addition to the outdoor activities, this is an area filled with history. You’ll find information about the Civil War, and the Native Americans. The center is handicap accessible and there is no cost for admission.

The Cooper’s Furnace Trail

If you like train history, this trail is was involved in the drama of the Great Railroad Race. The walk begins at the Furnace and along the road that was used in the construction of the rails. The trail loops around while offering gorgeous scenery and glimpses of wildlife. A stunning view of the Blue Ridge Mountains can be seen at the Visitor’s Center. Be sure to pick up a vacation brochure so you don’t miss anything.

The Bartow History Museum

Cartersville’s history museum goes back 200 years to when the Cherokee were the main inhabitants. The museum has permanent, featured and interactive exhibitions. The interactive part is excellently planned and laid out for youngsters, and those who are young at heart to experience and touch the history of Bartow County.

Etowah Mounds

One of the last great sites that the Mississippian Indian groups settled around 950 A.D. is celebrated at Etowah Mounds State Historic Site. Your travel information will tell you that the highest mound is over 60 feet high. Since the site is one of the few Mound Civilization groups that are fairly intact, archaeologists have learned much about these people.

Rose Lawn Museum

Rose Lawn, named for the 200 roses that once bloomed there, is best known as the home of Sam Jones. Jones was a recovering alcoholic and well-known evangelist of his time. Through the years, the house fell into disuse. In 1978, Bartow County bought the house to use as a museum for Jones’ writing and for another county resident, Rebecca Latimer Felton. Felton was the first woman to serve in the United States Senate.

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