Holiday Discounts Make it Easy to Avoid Winter Blues

Are turkey dinners, shopping malls and sparkly tinsel just not your thing? Do you shudder at the idea of being forced to spend a week or more with all of your relatives and their herds of screaming children? Does cold weather and lack of sunshine make you want to hide under the covers and hibernate until April? If so, you’re not alone. Many people dislike the crowds, the expense and the social obligations associated with the holiday season. Some people even begin to feel depressed after months spent indoors, hiding from the cold weather.


If you’re looking for a way to avoid the winter blues, consider going on vacation instead of putting up a Christmas tree this year. Taking a trip to somewhere warm and beautiful may be just what you need to refresh and revive your spirits. It also could be a great way to avoid having to pretend to enjoy your mother’s not-so-tasty green bean casserole.


There are a number of places both within and outside of the United States that can provide good weather, privacy and relaxation during the holiday season. Places such as Destin, Florida, can offer golf, tennis, fishing, great live music, delicious dining, beachfront relaxation and more, with lodging prices starting below $100 a night during the off-season. Visiting in winter will also help you avoid the crowds and experience the area in a more intimate and pleasing way.


If you’re looking to venture a little further, consider a trip to Central America for the holidays. Nicaragua and Costa Rica both make excellent travel destinations, offering white sand beaches, green jungles, beautiful blue seas and all of the surfing, swimming, hiking, sunbathing and tropical fruit you could ever ask for! In Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica, beachfront bungalows can be found for as low as $85 a night. Why would you want to be back home, stressing over the crowds in a shopping mall when you could be soaking up the sun with a pineapple juice in your hand?


These are only a couple of the affordable and fun warm-weather destinations that are out there. If you want more options to choose from, consider visiting your local tourism agency and seeking travel information. The agent will have a vacation brochure for whatever location you are interested in and will be able to answer specific questions about the affordability of said location.


Even if the holiday gatherings are something you enjoy, you can still take a trip before or after you meet up with your family. Wherever and whenever you choose to go, there is one important thing to remember: Don’t forget to pack your sunscreen!

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