Holidaying in the Down Under

You could be an adrenalin junkie set out for a trip of your lifetime with just a bag pack and your sleeping bag or a sophisticated traveler who only prefers resorts and boutique hotels as your only accommodation if you are going on a vacation. No matter who you are and which part of the world you come from, Australia as a country is going to fascinate you. The picturesque landscape, the pristine white sandy beaches, tranquil waters, the delectable seafood and the warmth of the locals will boost your spirits.

It is a land of contrasts- the topographical, cultural, geographical, physical, and visual contrasts have blend in a way to make it one of the most beautiful places on the planet.  In fact the British Travel Awards (2011) has named Australia Best Country to Visit Worldwide, ahead of European destinations Spain and Italy. You can choose to stay in the outback, learn a little about the aboriginal culture, take part in some adventure trips, enjoy the natural wonders, savor the flavors of exotic seafood.

Canberra, Adelaide, Darwin and Perth are a must visit as each of these places have interesting sights and a great cultural atmosphere.  From bush-walking to rock- climbing, the dense rainforest to the foaming waterfalls, the miracles of the water world to the rare species of animals that can be spotted in the national parks and zoos as well as the gripping  ancient aboriginal art- it’s  great place to be vacationing in! Being surrounded by sea gives some beautiful beaches. The Sunshine Cost, the Gold Coast in Brisbane, Alice Springs, or the most isolated town in Australia- William Creek is a fantastic idea or a romantic retreat.

From snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef to treating yourself to the finest of operas in the Sydney Opera House, going boating in the turquoise blue waters, getting acquainted to the Aboriginals, dining in the finest seafood restaurants, going on deep sea fishing trips, going shopping in the finest malls and boutiques, hiking, camping, waterskiing, diving- you are not going to get one single chance to get bored.

New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, Northern Territory, Western Australia, South Australia and Tasmania- it does not matter where you have made the reservations, be rest assured that this vacation is going to be one of the best and the most memorable vacations of your life.  You are in luck if you happen to be a fishing buff. This is where you want to be-the uninterrupted coastline makes Australia a fishing haven. From marlins and tuna, snapper and swordfish, sailfish, Dorado, King George whiting, cobia, cod, perch, grayling and more awaits you.

Are the kids getting restless? Take them to the museum and parks, World Heritage Area, Sydney Harbor, Kakadu National Park, Whale watching, and Sea World etc. Visit Margaret River Wine Country, Hunter Valley Wine Country, Coral Bay, Alice Springs, Gold Coast, Great Ocean Road, and Kangaroo Island with your spouse.

Now you really want to go, don’t you? Just make sure that before you go on board with the plan, you have adequate travel insurance. It is always better to be prepared on a holiday trip for any emergency situation.  Start making reservations- you have a lot to pack too! See you soon!

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