Honeymoon in the Mountains – Canadian Style

The idea of a romantic honeymoon on the beach is almost too predictable these days. Change it up a bit with a honeymoon in the mountains. Whistler, British Columbia, has everything you need for a romantic honeymoon—you can spend time alone with each other at a spa, or enjoying the wilderness. Build your bond with each other experiencing heart-pounding adventures together, and spend your nights cozying up to a fire listening to live music.

Unwind Together
After the wedding preparations, the first thing you probably want to do is sneak off to a private destination where you can enjoy each other’s company one on one. Why not head off to a spa where you can both be pampered while you recount the memories of your wedding day? The spa at the Four Seasons Resort in Whistler has private treatment rooms that are perfect for blissful newlyweds. You’ll be able to look out at the snow-covered peaks while you are massaged with luxurious natural clays and essential oils.

The Vida Spa takes advantage of the crisp mountain air with its outdoor hot tub. Tantalize your senses with the juxtaposition of cold air and hot water. This will increase your circulation and give you a honeymooner’s flush. The Ayurveda-based spa treatments balance your body and mind, so you can begin your life together on a steady foundation.

Secluded Scenery
Snuggling together under a blanket with hot chocolate makes for a romantic evening. Add to that a canopy of stars and a horse-drawn carriage and you have a magical memory to look back on. In Whistler, you can take a midnight sleigh ride through the snowy woods and look out to the twinkling lights of Whistler Village.

If you’re a more adventurous sort, you can drive a dog sled on a midnight ride. You’ll travel to an isolated clearing, where you can gather around a campfire and nestle under a blanket and watch the sparkling indigo sky.

Have Each Other’s Back
Knowing that your partner will be there to catch you if you fall is important—literally and figuratively—in a new marriage. If you’re the sporty type, you can go heli-skiing with your new spouse. A helicopter will take you to an untouched slope, and you can navigate the terrain together. Don’t waste time riding ski lifts; heli-skiing is all about the pure thrill of the downslope.

Zipline tours in Whistler give you a unique perspective on the town. Climb to the treetops and glide from platform to platform while the landscape blurs below you. Getting married is like taking an immense leap; riding a zipline necessitates a similar kind of faith.

Nightlife in Whistler
Whistler gives you plenty of moments to be alone together, but the village also has plenty to offer those looking for an energetic night on the town. With more than 90 restaurants and bars, Whistler has plenty of options for things to do. Share wonderful tapas and enjoy a glass of wine, or head to a cozy pub for a beer and a burger.

If you’re honeymooning in Whistler during the summer, take advantage of Lunaflicks, a series of outdoor films that are shown outdoors at a park after dark. It’s a budget-friendly yet romantic way to spend time together. Grab a bite at the five-dollar barbecue and share a bucket of popcorn.

A honeymoon in Whistler during the winter months promises long soaks in hot tubs, the glistening of icicles, and the crackle of an inviting fire. If you get married in the summer, you can spend long evenings under the stars or walking hand-in-hand along Whistler Village’s pedestrian pathways. Whatever the season, you’ll start your life together with intensity, tranquility, and romance.

Author Sean Peterson, a sports enthusiast and travel blogger, also contributes content for whistlerhotels.org, an informative site with area information and accommodation listings for
Whistler luxury hotels as well as condos and vacation homes.

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