Hot Air Balloon Vacations

Who doesn’t love soaring through the skies, floating on a gentle breeze and watching the ground go by. Hot Air ballooning is a popular sport that draws many enthusiasts from around the world. Yet, what if someone is just becoming interested? Good places to get your feet wet are at various festivals around the USA. These are held throughout the year and there might be one near you.


How to get started

Enthusiasts have created Hot Air ballooning festivals the country over. The best way to get started is to look for information online and request a vacation brochure. Various websites will give travel information that can guide you to your destination. These festivals are all over the United States so there is a good chance one might be within driving distance. Check the internet and see. These festivals can be one or multi-day events. Make sure to check the festivals website to make sure.


What is the cost?

Many of these festivals are free to the public. That isn’t always the case, so make sure to research the price before heading to each festival. When deciding the cost, factor in buying food, drinks, souvenirs, and participating in various events. What person attends a hot air balloon festival without taking a ride in one? This will cost money even if the festival itself is free.


What to Expect

These festivals are celebrations centered on the sport of hot air ballooning. Everything will have some type of hot air balloon theme. There are hot air balloon rides, hot air balloon races, events featuring various hot air balloon pilots and teams. Vendors also come hawking their wares, which are always hot air ballooning related. Food and drink vendors are set up as well to provide treats and thirst quenching beverages. These festivals are parties that celebrate hot air ballooning lifestyle. In most cases, the main events are in the early morning or the evening. This is the best time for riding in a hot air balloon or watching them float away. For specific events within the festival, each festival website should have more information.


What to Bring

When packing up for a Festival, make sure that you check the website to see what the accommodations are. Often there are campsites set up around the hot air ballooning area, so a tent and sleeping bags are in order. However, these events are always located near a town that will have hotel availability. Whatever the case may be make sure you bring plenty of lawn chairs. Most festivals do not provide seating during the day, so these are a necessity. Also, bring a good supply of foods, snacks and water. There are often vendors providing these services, but they can be a little expensive

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