How Mom Can Capture Memories

When it comes to going on vacation, you can always rely on mom. Sure, dad may have a thing or two to say and will “harumph” and grumble about budgets, but when it comes down to actually planning the trip, it’s all about mom. This is how it ought to be, and here’s why… Mom will pay more attention to the details so everything is perfect. Details such as discovering the discount prices at certain hours for an attraction, or finding the most buzz-worthy local restaurant, she knows it’s the small accents that combine to make the best vacation memories, so she puts in the work for her family. How can you be a super, “Making-Memories” Mom that plans trips everyone talks about for the rest of their lives?


Nearly everyone has a digital camera these days, which comes with some negatives and some major positives. The picture quality is rarely the equivalent of a proper camera, and, there is a clumsy delay when taking a picture which can lead to missed opportunities, but you’ll eventually get the hang of manipulating your phone/computer/email/camera to quickly snap a pic.
The positives definitely outweigh the negatives, and the biggest positive is being able to download pictures to your computer. From there, you can put them on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. You can also use Shutterfly, which will give you an opportunity to order pictures through the mail. In addition to that, there are slideshow programs that are set to music. These are fun to watch with the whole family after the trip is complete. For best results, try to wait a few days after returning home. You will be tired from traveling after the first day or two. Plus, you want the memories to settle in naturally prior to reflecting.
*Key trick – scribble a note on paper or email yourself the details of what’s in the picture — Date, Location, Names (especially of people you meet on vacation, because you WILL forget at some point), etc…
Capturing memories while on vacation isn’t all about pictures. There are other ways to go about it as well. Once again, trust mom. After she sifts through potential vacation activities, she can see what spots offer opportunities for collecting. By collecting items from an area and bringing them back home, you have something real from your trip. This is much more powerful than most people realize. For example, if you vacation on the beach on Sanibel Island in Florida, collect a few shells and bring them home. Seeing and touching those shells while at home will bring back memories. If you vacation in the mountains, bring back a unique rock or large leaf. If you visit New York City, bring back an interesting piece of art that a vendor was selling on the street. If you visit the Caribbean, consider returning with a straw hat that you bought at a local market. Visit to look for some ideas of what to find and where. Challenge your children and spouse as well to make a collage of fun things as they do them on vacation.
*Key Tip: Pack your suitcase with room to spare for those vacation treasures you hope to bring home later!
So no matter where you travel, you can come back with indelible memories, and ensure your children and family enjoy thoroughly inventive and active vacations where they may exercise their minds as well as their wake boarding skills. After dad orders a vacation brochure, it’s time for mom to map out the trip and find all the best locations.

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