How Moms Vacation Most Frequently

According to a recent poll on, family friendly destinations, at 67%, was the number one aspect that people required while traveling. Budget travel came in second place with 21% of the vote. As a result, it can be safe to assume that moms care a lot about their family vacations. If a potential trip does not have any kid friendly activities or hotels, then it will be crossed off the list.

It is very important for hotels and resorts to have special activities for children and families. Many resorts have camps that take the kids for day long adventures around the property. They can go snorkeling in the water, or play in a special “kid’s only” section of the resort. Programs like these keep the kids entertained, and out of mom’s hair. Thus, everyone’s vacation can be enjoyed to the fullest. Any mom that is booking a family friendly vacation will check what is going to be offered by the resort in terms of kid activities and child care.

Satisfying the Business Mom

Most women who travel for business are young and single. However, many moms travel for business too. For the most part, business savvy moms will be traveling without their children. As a result, it is necessary for hotels to have a great wifi connection. This will help a traveling mom keep in touch with her kids at home. Hotel amenities are a must for the occasions that the kids can travel with their mom. There should be a pool, room service, and nearby attractions to name a few.

If you are mom looking for a great family friendly budget travel destination, then sign up for one of our travel guides for your favorite destinations. You can use a vacation brochure to help you finalize your travel plans. You will find the same great deals in these travel brochures as you would online. All you need to do is call or order them online to find the perfect travel destination for your family.

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