How to Design Custom T-Shirts for Your Travel Group

When you are exploring a new and unfamiliar area, traveling in a group is a good way to retain a sense of safety in numbers while still enjoying all the fresh sights and sounds around you. Members of travel groups can even find themselves having more unique experiences than solo travelers simply because each member of the group will have interests, ideas and suggestions for the entire group. However, traveling as a group presents challenges at the same time. One of the primary among these is keeping your group together and finding one another if you do become separated.

Designing and printing custom T-shirts prior to your trip is an easy, fun, and affordable way to mitigate this particular concern. When everyone in the group is wearing the same piece of clothing, fellow members will be easy to spot in a crowd or at a distance. This can be particularly helpful for groups of children or teens or individuals who may not all know each other well before the trip.

Appeal to Your Group’s Needs and Tastes

Ideally, you want to design a T-shirt that will be easily visible at a distance without being so unattractive as to discourage others from wearing it. In addition, incorporating personal information or logos can turn this practical and inexpensive item into a keepsake of a wonderful trip that can be worn fondly for years to come. If you opt to have custom T-shirts printed, take some time to consider your group, its needs, its tastes and any pertinent information you wish to include.

Most importantly, keep your group in mind. If you will be chaperoning a group of children on a trip, choose an uncommon, bright color and insist that each child wear the T-shirt for the duration of the journey. While in a perfect world, adult supervision would be adequate enough to prevent any child from wandering out of sight for even a moment, in the real world, children can be easily distracted and can move quickly. Outfitting them in bright, vivid colors can help immensely in locating them and bringing them back to the group.

Teenagers are more likely to respond to more personalized gear in neutral or muted colors. They will likely rebel against anything they consider embarrassing or unusual. However, they will often be delighted to receive a slightly personalized memento of a trip that is exciting for them.

Making Your Custom T-Shirts Memento-Worthy

Travelers of any age will appreciate a thoughtfully designed T-shirt that carries some personal significance or meaning. For text, short details about the trip along with the date, or at least year, will help travelers remember the trip more readily in the future each time they view their shirts. If you are part of an organization with a logo, adding the logo can also serve to personalize the clothing.

For the most part, you should strive to keep artwork simple. Avoid using copyrighted images to which you do not have the rights. If you are designing an image and shirt design from scratch, photo or graphic design software can go a long way toward ensuring the final version is clean and free of any background noise. Ultimately, T-shirts are an affordable and easy to customize option that can help your group stay together.

Photo credit:Shirt stacks by Alan Levine/flickr

Guest author Kathryn Brown is a stay at home mom who loves to travel and used personalised t shirt printing to create shirts for her travel party.

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