How to Pack for Long Trips

If you are planning a long trip away from home, you are likely baffled with the task of having to pack for the stay. You can’t pack up your entire house and bring it with you. With luggage fees, packing lightly, regardless of how long you are staying, is a must. Many people reach their destinations only to realize that they packed too much or too little. Don’t get caught in this situation. The following information will help you pack for long trips.

• Plan what you will wear in advance. Rather than bringing random pieces of clothing, plan your outfits. If you are going to stay for a period of two weeks, you will need at least 14 outfits, if not more. However, this doesn’t mean you need 28 clothing items. With strategic planning, you can save lots of room. Choose pieces that will work well together. For example, a pair of dress pants can be paired with many different shirts. Shirts can works with blazers for a completely different look. Know what you will wear and when you will wear it. Don’t carry more than two pair of shoes as they can add significant weight to your luggage. If you are going to do some shopping on your trip, perhaps you can purchase things you can wear while there. Remember, you will have to bring the items that you buy back home with you. Pack lightly so you can have more room to bring things home.

• If the stay will be especially long, have clothing shipped to the destination. It may be easier to ship clothing via UPS of the post office if you want to pack more than what is allowed aboard the plane or than can fit on the bus. This will actually save you money as luggage fees can get very costly. Ship shoes and clothing the week before you leave so that they arrive on time.

• Don’t forget the necessities. There are certain things that you will need while on the trip. Items include a blow dryer, personal hygiene items, an iron, a camera, your computer, etc. Be sure to include room for these items in your luggage. If you are short on luggage space, carry only the bare necessities and buy what you need when you arrive.

• Toiletries. While you can buy most of the items when you arrive to your destination, the following is a list of the things you will need while on the trip. If you are heading to a different country, they may not have the brand that you need. Check this beforehand to ensure that you have what you need. Make a check list to ensure that you bring everything. Make a separate list for the items you will have to buy when you get there. They include toothbrush, toothpaste, makeup, razors, hair care tools, calling cards, soap, and towels.

• Purse/small backpack. If you plan on sightseeing or shopping while on your trip, you will want to have a purse, wallet, or backpack to carry your money, credit cards and receipts. A back pack works well as you can also carry water, food, and other items that you will need while on the trip. This can be carried onto planes, buses, and trains and will ensure that you personal items are safe.

• Make sure your luggage is intact. There is nothing worse than losing your luggage because the suitcase was in bad condition. Be sure that the bags you choose to travel with do not have holes and will survive the trip. Word of warning! Airlines could really care less if they lose your luggage. It is up to you to make sure that the bags you choose will hold up to the flight. Cramming the bags too full may cause the bag to bust open during flight. Beware of this also.

Planning for a long trip doesn’t have to be difficult. Use the tips above to help you be fully prepared for your stay. Pack as light as you can to avoid expensive luggage fees. Remember, you will have to carry the luggage around with you. Carrying too much may pose a problem is you are traveling alone. Get busy packing and enjoy your stay!

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