How to Save at the Pump

Heading out with the family on a road trip across the nation is a favorite pastime enjoyed by millions of travelers. Unfortunately, enjoying the countryside can be a costly endeavor, with gas prices continually soaring ever higher. In order to keep costs low, travelers can take advantage of a variety of different discount gas programs. There are also driving techniques that can help maximize mileage and keep trips to the pump to a minimum.


Find Discount Gas Ahead of Time
Gas prices can vary greatly from gas station to gas station. By saving several cents per gallon, travelers can easily cut a few dollars off the total price of their fuel. Using a tourism brochure, travelers can pinpoint gas stations around the route they will be traveling. There are many different apps and sites that cater to those looking for discounted gas. Using one of these resources, travelers should be able to pinpoint the cheapest gas in a particular area.


Joining Gas Discount Clubs
Many of the large gas station chains offer credit cards or discount programs that allow customers to save a set amount per gallon of gas pumped. While these programs can easily save customers money, it is important to keep a few simple keys in mind. When tied to a credit card offer, gas discounts can quickly become overshadowed by high interest rates. By paying the full balance each month, customers reap the rewards of the card without paying for the privilege.


Driving Responsibly
While filling up the car is an inevitable, driving responsibility a great way to maximize mileage. Vehicles that are kept maintained run more efficiently, allowing the car to get the best possible mileage. Decreasing weight in the vehicle is another great way to keep fuel costs low, as additional weight means more fuel is needed to move the vehicle.


Visiting the pump can be a painful experience for the pocketbook. Fortunately, there are ways to keep costs low and continue to enjoy time spend on the road. By researching travel information in advance and making certain to take advantage of discount programs, drivers can be certain they are getting the best possible deal on the fuel they pump into their vehicles.

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