How to Travel in England

Timely Trains

Traveling to England isn’t the same as visiting a neighboring state when it comes to transportation. While you can certainly rent a car in England, if you don’t know how to drive on British roads, it can be a dangerous undertaking. If you’ll be traveling to England in the near future, you should be aware of the different methods that you can utilize to get around. Here are five transportation options in the UK:

1. Train

Taking the train is, by far, one of the most popular ways to get around the country. Whether you’re traveling from city to city or country to country, taking the train or tube can get you to your destination safely and quickly. Travelers have two options when it comes to riding the rail: the Underground, or “Tube,” and above ground trains. Maps of the train system are easily found online before you trip, allowing you to familiarize yourself with the different lines and routes.
2. Bus

Though most foreigners are familiar with the double-decker, red bus so popular among tourists, the UK offers an extensive public transportation system comprised of thousands of buses. Traveling by bus can be a very budget-friendly option. If you are going to be sticking close to your home base, or are intent on touring a major city, hopping aboard a bus is convenient and easy.
3. Taxi

The famous black cab of England is a great way to get around England, especially in London. You can hail a cab in England just like you can in America: stand on the street and stick your arm out. Alternatively, you can call a cab company and book a ride ahead of time. Black cabs are incredibly roomy, and are the perfect mode of transportation after a long day of shopping.
4. Car

There’s no doubt that you can rent a car in England and travel anywhere you want to go. Drivers should keep in mind that the road signs are different, streets are painted in a way they aren’t used to, and vehicles drive in opposite lanes. While some tourists can pick up these differences and adjust very quickly, others cannot and are a danger on the road. While there is nothing wrong with renting a car in England, be sure that you are comfortable enough driving in a different country that you don’t pose a safety risk to yourself or others.
5. Foot

England is an incredibly pedestrian-friendly city. While you may need to find transportation to get from city to city, once you are there, you can easily walk to get where you need to go. In fact, there are many major cities in England that pose a higher tax on drivers to discourage vehicle congestion and encourage pedestrian traffic. If you decide to hoof it, make sure that you wear a comfortable pair of shoes.
If you’re going to be traveling to England in the future, you should understand the different modes of transportation that the country offers. While taking the train may make sense in the city, walking may make more sense in the village. By knowing where you’re going and the easiest way to get around, you’ll be sure to see everything that you want to see on your holiday.

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