Kansas Fireworks

Wichita might not be the first thing that comes to mind for traveling, but it should be! The National Civic League named Wichita an All-American City, offering plenty of attractions and diversions to keep you entertained no matter what time of year it is! One of the most popular attractions is the fireworks display. Several times throughout the year, including the Fourth of July and New Year’s, fireworks are set off over the skyline of Wichita.

It’s hard to think of anything more beautiful than the city skyline with the fireworks bursting over the tops of the buildings. During the Wichita River Festival, the fireworks display reach entirely new heights – the nine day festival concludes with one of the largest displays in the entire region, bringing visitors from miles around to watch the colorful explosions light up the night sky. Join with 325,000 of your closest friends and dance through the night.

For more information about what to do in Wichita, get a copy of the visitors guide or one of the numerous brochures on the area. There is a full listing of events and festivals for you to choose from to help you select what you want to attend. One of the most popular festivals is the previously mentioned Wichita River Festival, but Cinco de Mayo, the Black Arts Festival, the Asian Festival, and many more are great reasons to check out this city.

Even if you happen to visit during a time of year when fireworks are not exploding all across the sky, it’s still worth taking a trip t the Old Cowtown Museum or the Kansas Aviation Museum. Wichita has something for everyone, and some of the best Kansas fireworks displays to be found anywhere. Don’t miss it!

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