Mauritius Island – Vacation of a Lifetime

Mauritius, an island in the Indian Ocean, is definitely the type of place where you can enjoy lying on the beach for days on end, but it has so much more to offer. Its unique culture, amazing nature, and adventurous activities will keep everyone occupied. You’ll want to experience as much as you can, because a vacation to a place like this is the trip of a lifetime.

The Rochester Falls cascade over otherworldly basalt columns and geometric volcanic rock. The waterfall is a tumbling, roaring mass of water that turns white as it pours into the transparent pool below. To get to the falls, you’ll hike down a path lined with banana and mango trees next to the sugar cane fields.
The Chamarel waterfall is the tallest on the island. Although it does not have the impressive rush of water characteristic of the Rochester Falls, the Chamarel rains from such a height that it takes your breath away.

The Exil Waterfalls are not as high as the Chamarel, but they are beautiful. You can only access this private waterfall with an organized tour. If you’re looking for a little adventure, take a canyoning excursion to the Exil Waterfalls. You can rappel down the falls, wade through the rivers, and hike through a tropical forest.

Tamarin Falls flow off a cliff into a clear reflecting pool below. They are actually a series of seven waterfalls that continue to cascade down the edge of the canyon. You can swim in the cool water or hike to an overlook where you can catch a glimpse of the falls. You can pack a picnic and sit on the volcanic rock near the falls or stand under the waterfall for an experience that will take your breath away.
Horseback Riding

A horseback riding tour can also take you to areas in Mauritius that you might otherwise never see. Your horse can take you to one of the waterfalls described above, or you can trek along the beach next to a lagoon. Other excursions can take you through mountainous terrain, indigenous forests, and rumbling rivers. Horseback riding is the perfect way to see the landscape at your own pace. It’s not as strenuous as hiking, but you’ll get to see more than if you were riding in a car.
Sega Dancers

African slaves introduced sega to the island. It is a dance and a type of music that is part of the history and folklore of the island. The sega is danced to a rhythmic beat created with percussive instruments like the ravane, a circular drum, and triangles and maracas as well as guitars. It’s an emotional, sensual dance, and the female dancers sway their hips, spin around, and twirl their colorful ruffled skirts as they shuffle their feet. Both female and male singers chant along to the rhythm. Tourists can witness dancers performing this exotic dance at many hotels and restaurants in Mauritius.
Swim with Dolphins

Many different tour groups offer you the opportunity to swim with dolphins. You can take a catamaran out to the bays where the dolphins congregate and swim with them in their natural habitat. The dolphins’ curiosity will bring them so close you can almost touch them. You may be able to swim among hundreds of dolphins making their way through the crystal clear waters.
Mauritius is an exotic island that boasts a lively and unique culture as well as opportunities for adventure. Somewhere between the lush forests and tranquil lagoons lies a vacation to remember. Take advantage of everything the island has to offer and make memories to last a lifetime.

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