Most Popular Vacation Destinations

Americans have long loved to take road trips. Though most people have visited more than five states in their lives, there is always room to add more geographical locations to the bucket list. Families that love to travel will want to make sure that they visit each of the major regions of the country. Whether they head to the beaches of the Atlantic or to one of the national parks in the western half of the nation, an elegant vacation brochure will allow them to plan their trip in detail.

Men and women who are retired or who have a few months off to travel the country might want to procure an RV and head out onto the freeways. RVs are miniature dwellings and will give couples the freedom and independence to roam wherever they wish. There are special RV parks on most of the major national highways and byways.

In the eastern half of the country, travelers will want to explore the heritage of America as much as possible. While Philadelphia offers Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell, Boston offers the Old North Church and the grand battlefields at Lexington and Concord. Road trip enthusiasts who develop an itinerary will be able to hit many of the most popular cities in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic, including New York and Washington D.C.

The West is an entirely different animal. Dotted with wondrous national landforms, travelers will have to make some hard choices. In the Southwest, they can visit the Grand Canyon in Arizona and the old Spanish city of Santa Fe in New Mexico. Southern California, on the other hand, offers the world-class San Diego Zoo and Hollywood itself. Lovers of the movie industry would do well to spend at least a day or two in the Los Angeles area.

RVs are probably most useful in the wider Pacific Northwest. If families have not explored the states of this region, they should schedule a trip as soon as possible. The rocky beaches of Oregon and Washington gradually grade into the lush deciduous rainforests of the inner mountain regions. In fact, visitors to the Portland area can look into side trips to the Columbia River Gorge and Mt. St. Helens. Further inland, Montana and Idaho offer mountains trails, clear brooks, and high mountain meadows.

In the end, travelers who are looking to add a few states to the bucket list should come up with a detailed plan of action. With some excellent travel guides beside them, they can put together a blueprint that should allow them to eventually visit every state. For a well-rounded experience, both rural areas and urban areas should play prominent roles. When people finally return home, they will have created memories that will last a lifetime.

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