Orlando and Walt Disney World Are America’s Most Popular

Flights this holiday season are expected to be eight percent higher than they were in 2011. Flights for New Year’s Eve are slightly lower than that eight percent at around a six percent increase. There are some decreases from travel sites to specific destinations.


When looking for travel information, there are websites that will tell you the most popular destinations to travel to this holiday season. With the increase of fuel, plane tickets can vary greatly across the board. There was a study by the Orbitz Holiday Travel Insider that analyzed the most in-demand vacation spots for this season.


If you have flown recently, you may have noticed that your plane was smaller than usual or had fewer seats. This is an attempt to sell fewer seats and make more money by charging more. Flight increases are always going to be apparent, but you can still find bargain tickets if you look at the right time.


Orlando and Walt Disney World are the current top destinations for travelers during the holiday season. This location wins for Christmas and New Year’s Eve holidays. The hotel and airfare averages are moderately priced, and it’s a great city for families to enjoy during the holidays. The famous Walt Disney fireworks are also spectacular for the season. Many families choose to go close to Christmas and stay throughout New Year’s Eve.


Vacation brochure papers will help you get more information that you need for your travels to Orlando during the holiday season. America’s most popular destination is full of amazing opportunities to explore Disney and surrounding theme parks. There’s no shortage of fun in Orlando. The weather is also perfect the entire year.


Cirque Du Soleil La Nouba is a popular show in Orlando that is often consider a must. This show will blow your mind and win your heart with its amazing theatrical display of lights, movement and music. Orland has no shortage of incredible shows like this one, but Cirque Du Soleil is world renowned for being the best of the best.


The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is also located in Orlando. This amusement park is focused on recreating the world of Harry Potter, and it is a great opportunity for long-time fans to explore the fictional world in the real world. There is even a Hogwart’s Castle that makes up a large part of the park.


Orlando is full of fun and excitement. It is no wonder it is regularly listed as America’s most popular travel destination. There is so much to do in one city. Your family will have the time of their life when you book a trip to Orlando and Walt Disney for the holidays or even any other time of the year.

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