Planning your First Ski Holiday

Whilst the thought of spending a week on a snow capped mountain bound to a pair of planks which send you whizzing down a hill sends a chill down some people’s spines, for many winter sports holidays are the ultimate getaway for those longer months of the year. With breath-taking views and pisted runs for skiers of all abilities, ranging from the absolute beginner to the seasoned pro, ski resorts can be a great deal of fun.

In order to have the snow sports holiday of a lifetime you need to ensure you’re thoroughly prepared, both mentally and physically, so you can tackle the testing terrain.


Although skiing is an enjoyable sport for people of all shapes and sizes, you’re more likely to enjoy yourself if you’re physically prepped to tackle those moguls. If you’re thinking of taking on the black runs or challenging the off-piste powder it’s advisable to ease your body into some level of physical activity to prevent injury on the slopes. Focus on your thighs and calves, which will feel the burn when making your sweet turns, to make sure you’re physically prepared. Focus on increasing your energy levels too, you don’t want to burn out before après ski!


One major factor which will effect which resort you choose to holiday in is your level of ski ability. Whilst most resorts have a mixture of blue (beginner), red (intermediate) and black (advanced) runs, some resorts are more tailored to a certain ability level. Before diving in head-first and booking a holiday create a list of resorts to choose from which are voted best for your skill level. Many travel websites provide their opinion on which ski ability the resort is best tailored to so you can use them to assemble a rough list of possible holiday destinations.


Yet another factor that will affect your choice of destination is your budget range. Whilst the most popular resorts in the alps will have the highest price tags you may find that ski packages make your dream holiday more affordable. Packages which include the essentials of a skiing holiday such as; lift pass, ski hire, transfers and even ski tuition can help you to get a good deal in a top resort.

If you’re really struggling to finance a week’s holiday and want to visit one of the ski giants, you could opt for a ski weekend so you can still get your fix of powder. You’ll need to be a first lift until last lift skier on a weekend break so you can make the most of your limited skiing time.

If you’re looking for a tranquil ski holiday then one of the quieter resorts could be the perfect destination for you. Generally speaking, the less tourist-based a resort is the lower the prices of accommodation, lift passes and food will be. In addition to that, you’ll benefit from quieter slopes, allowing you to have the run of the piste and make those beautiful wide turns.

Your first trip to mountains can be an incredibly magical one, the mountain air and exercise can be incredibly exhilarating. Being well prepared can help you to make the most of your time spent in the snow and of course, during après ski!


This post was written by skiing enthusiast and avid blogger Stephanie Staszko who writes on behalf of Golf 247 who retail the 2012 cobra amp driver and would choose a sports holiday over lying on the beach any day of the week!

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