Popular New Hampshire Road Trips

New Hampshire is a dream location for road trips. The state is small so you do not have to go far to reach your destination, and the views are panoramic and spectacular. The following are some of highest recommended road trips by a popular vacation brochure.

The Dartmouth-Lake Sunapee Loop is a 140 mile drive with beautiful views and neat college towns. You will pass through Windsor and Washington which are said to have some of the most bountiful village greens in all of New England. This route will also take you past Pillsbury State Park, a hotbed for wildlife such as moose and loons. You can take a scenic byway past Lake Sunapee River which displays many views of a scenic shoreline and the beach.

Another popular road tripping loop according to the vacation brochure is the Lakes Region. This loop is approximately 134 miles total. In addition to seeing Lake Winnipesauke, you will also go through the small towns of Wakefield and Milton. Check in with locals for more travel information to see if you can visit the nation’s oldest summer resort, Wolfeboro.

The White Mountain Loop is another beautiful drive that is approximately 142 miles that has several possible variations. Starting in Conway, passing through the White Mountain National Forest, to Lincoln to Franconia Notch State Park through beautiful mountain peaks. Continuing onto highway 302 will take you to Crawford Notch which is claimed to have some of the most breathtaking views in the East side of the state. The various scenic routes along the way offer 32 different viewpoints, waterfalls, wildlife and covered bridges.

If you desire to see the seashore, it is recommended to start in Portsmouth heading toward Newcastle. The road goes through old military posts and offers a great view historic downtown Portsmouth. Fort Constitution, an important Revolutionary War historical site is located on this 40 mile drive. From Newcastle head toward Odiorne State Park for several costal views. Following the road to Rye, Hampton, Kensington and Exeter you will find a colonial settlement before heading back to Hampton to finish the loop.

The beauty to be seen in New Hampshire is unparalleled, and seeing it by car is one of the best ways to really experience it at your own pace. Inquire with local businesses for the latest travel information and to make the most of your trip. Happy travels!

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