Securing Your Home During the Holidays: Tips to Prevent Breaks in While on Vacation

Holidays are a time for cheer, but statistics show that criminals are most active during this time. Nothing marrs holidays as much as coming home to find that your home has been burglarized while you were gone. Being the victim of an untoward incident can leave you without holiday spirit, and make future vacations very stressful. When you plan a holiday or vacation, make sure you plan some precautions for your home. This not only deters thieves, but also makes your vacation stress free. Here are a few tips to help you get started.

Get a Remote Monitoring System

Remote monitoring systems allow you to check into your home from a webcam. While this will not prevent a robbery per se, they will help you regularly view your home from anywhere in the world. Cameras are installed in your home that updates a website with a live video feed. You can log in and visit your home virtually. These systems are best coupled with a home security system, so that a break in will be dealt with by the monitoring station.

Remove Obvious Indications to an Empty Home

We have all seen how an empty home looks. Newspapers pile up on the doorstep, and the lights are always out. The home also seems very quiet. Criminals keep an eye out for such indications, and they will observes homes over a couple of nights.

If you intend to go away, make sure you cancel your paper route. Also leave a radio on, or have a tape play a recorded conversation repeatedly. You should also get some timed lights that will turn on at night. These will make your home seem inhabited.

Avoid Social Media Announcements

Updating that excited status to announce your vacation plans to your entire social circle is a mistake. Not only is it a faux pas, but may also be viewed by others outside your intended audience. Criminals also prowl social media, and your information is visible in the info tab. Coupled with the knowledge when you will not be home, it is almost an invitation for the thief to come ransack your home.

Tweak the privacy settings on your account, or better, don’t make that announcement. It is also better to postpone uploading pictures of yourself on vacation till after you are back.

Catch the Thieves Off Guard

It may sound ironic, but thieves are not looking for trouble. They would rather keep a low profile and make a quiet robbery than be confronted with any form of alarm or security. Any measure that will draw attention to a person on your property will deter thieves.

You can install motion activated lights that will turn on when someone tries to move in your yard, or have an alarm go off when the doors or windows are opened. Having a camera that can record any activity on your property is also a good idea.


Francis Kegan helps people select home alarm systems and is a security consultant for domestic applications. She strives to make people aware of the recent developments in her field and advocates wireless security Mesquite systems. Currently, she writes for Nevada Lifeshield security as a security blogger.

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