South Carolina Adventure at Lake Jocassee

Lake Jocassee from The WildsSouth Carolina Adventure at Lake Jocassee

If you are traveling in South Carolina, explore Lake Jocassee located in the northwest part of the state near the quaint town of Salem. The lake is surrounded by over 40,000 acres of picturesque scenery which may awaken the adventure seeker within you.

Recreational Activities

The pristine rivers of the Appalachian Mountains replenish the lake with cool water, which makes your experience even more enjoyable. The clear water of the lake provides excellent year round visibility and supplies recreational activities for a relaxing vacation or an adventure seeking delight.

Recreational Boating

Feed your thirst for adventure by exploring Lake Jocassee by kayak or canoe. Paddle to view the sheer cliffs and beautiful waterfalls accessible only by boat, and discover the still pools that are hidden around the edge of the lake. However, if you would like a more relaxed boating experience, vacationers may wish to rent a pontoon boat. These vessels make it easy to traverse the lake, and make great platforms for swimming or parties.

Lake JocasseeBoating Safety

Although boating is fun, there are simple safety practices that can possibly save someone’s life while in the water. Wearing a life vest, may save your life if you happen to fall overboard a boat. For example in June 2012, a man, under the influence of alcohol, was driving his fishing boat at a high rate of speed late in the evening at Lake Lanier and slammed into a pontoon boat carrying thirteen people. After impact, five people ended up in the water and lives were lost. Some people speculate that they may not have died if they were wearing a life jacket.

This may be true, but other lessons can be learned from this tragedy, such as: don’t drink alcoholic beverages and drive a personal water craft. Another tip is to be cautious while boating during the night by keeping your boat lights on or choose to boat during daylight hours. These safety tips can keep your family safe during a vacation and possibly prevent injury. On the other hand, if you or your family are vacationing in South Carolina and become injured while boating, a South Carolina injury lawyer can help you recover more quickly by assisting you or your loved one with receiving compensation costs due to pain and suffering and will make sure your rights are protected by the law.

Scuba Diving
Another option for the adventurer is to join a scuba diving group and dive hundreds of feet below water level in Lake Jocassee’s deep, almost transparent waters. While scuba diving, you may enjoy searching the remnants of a lodge and a graveyard with headstones which provide points of interest for any adventure seeker. Make sure to inspect the scuba diving equipment ahead of time. If you happen to become injured due to faulty scuba diving equipment, you should contact your local Charleston personal injury lawyer.

Trout & Bass Fishing
Create your own fisherman’s tale by visiting this angler’s paradise. Lake Jocassee’s clear waters provide excellent opportunities to catch a wide variety of fish. Redeye Bass and Brown Trout are some of the most popular fish which can be caught. You can either fish solo on the shoreline or take a guided fishing tour. On these excursions, first-time fishermen as well as serious anglers can troll the deep waters of Lake Jocassee with the use of downriggers and fishing rods that have been bated in hopes of catching a Rainbow Trout.
For an adventure, Lake Jocassee is the ideal vacation spot. It offers fantastic opportunities for water sports or relaxation. With the proper safety precautions, you can make your recreational water experience reasonably safe. As always, if you have becomes seriously injured consult an experienced attorney who can assist you in recouping costs for medical bills, damage to your property, or an inability to return to work.
Krista Langford lives in the South, and she enjoys the outdoors with her family. She is a contributing writer for, a law firm that specializes in boat and personal water craft accidents or injuries. These attorneys can help you recover from the incident quicker by getting the money you need for your losses and injuries.

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