Spa Retreat: Free from the stressful 9 to 5.

You know when you just feel too overworked and stressed a holiday is all you need, but take a second to wonder, all this work I’ve completed I deserve a holiday much more than a week in Spain in a poor quality hotel surrounded by other annoying loud tourists and their kids. A spa retreat is the answer.

Experience a tranquil holiday even during the whole booking process. All the details from flights, the accommodation, transport to your accommodation and any other requirements are catered for. Spa retreat locations around the world from the UK to Thailand and even Australia have been handpicked with you in mind. Participate in a range of programs and therapeutic treatments such as pilates, yoga, detoxification, weight loss, addiction treatment, consultations by health experts, holistic spa menus using ayurvedic & panchakarma medicine, organic oils and many other traditional healing techniques guaranteed to have you returning home with a positive attitude and good feeling all over.

Turn your mobile phone off and leave everything behind, this spa retreat holiday is all about you. In the UK stress is the second most commonly reported work related illness. In a survey conducted by the National Labour Force Survey 780 people per 100,000 people reported an incidence of stress, in the past year 234,000 were new cases. A spa retreat is proven to make you not become a statistic.

Wake up in the morning to the stunning surroundings of your accommodation and the sound of the birds tweeting peacefully with the sun gleaming. No noise from a hotel pool just peace and quiet, total relaxation. Go to your own pool if you have your own villa at your resort overlooking the amazing views of the area or enjoy that long awaited massage you’ve needed. Members at the retreat will work around a quick survey to create a healthy personalised diet to your needs for that week so you get the most out of detoxifying.

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