Spa Vacations

Some vacations are all about sightseeing. However, when a relaxing getaway is in order, spa vacations can be the perfect answer. These vacations can be romantic, cater to a group of friends or be enjoyed alone.


Vacations at spas are about enhancing quality of life. Spas come in many styles and are found around the world. They are located in deserts, tropical rain forests and on majestic mountainsides. Regardless of setting, these destinations usually take full advantage of their beautiful surroundings by encouraging guests to explore the countryside when they are not enjoying spa treatments and other resort activities.


Prospective spa guests can read a descriptive vacation brochure about the resort before they make their choice. The brochure typically details the accommodations, amenities and services offered at the spa. These are frequently upscale, luxurious destinations with well appointed rooms and a wealth of desirable amenities. Guests will find a broad range of different resorts from which to choose. Some provide a complete escape from the hurrying world outside. Technology is kept to a minimum with televisions and phones not being placed in the rooms. Others allow guests to stay in touch with what’s happening beyond the walls of their retreat. The choice is really up to the guest.


A vacation at a spa resort is much more than a luxurious room. Among the travel information provided by the resort, prospective guests will learn about the specific treatments and activities at the resort. Usually, these vacations are purchased as a package in which the guest receives meals, accommodation and treatments as a part of the price. While on the property, guests may receive treatments like facials, massages and exclusive whole body therapies. Many spas also focus on the inner life of their guests, providing seminars on topics like yoga, meditation, stress relief and improving relationships.


Many of these retreats feature restaurants serving exclusive cuisine. At some resorts, the menu is designed to promote weight loss or cleanse the body. The staff may even provide classes that detail how to plan and prepare healthy meals.


Essentially, the goal of any spa vacation is to provide pampering for the guest. It’s an opportunity to explore spirituality and a healthier lifestyle. Many resorts have a high ratio of staff to guests, making the customer service far superior to that found in a typical hotel. Review the vacation brochure to discover if the resort caters to both men and women and if specialized treatments and seminars are designed for either or both sexes.


Spa vacations can be more expensive than the typical vacation. Travel information about resorts indicates that each guest can expect to spend around $1,000 or more per week. However, because of the luxurious atmosphere and the inclusion of meals and treatments, the price is really affordable, particularly for those in need of a vacation that provides ultimate stress relief.

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