Take a Trip into the Past in The City of Tsars, Bulgaria

Veliko Tarnovo, also known as “The City of Tsars” is located in the Northern Bulgaria. It is 250 km from the capital of Bulgaria, and as an important cultural center of the country, it’s one of this Bulgaria’s main tourist destinations.

This city has a beautiful history and is perfect for a trip into the past: Veliko Tarnovo was established as a Bulgarian fortress in the 12th century. In the Middle Age, the city was large, powerful and prosperous.

Today it seems to have frozen in time, with its 12th century architecture and former capital of the second Bulgarian empire. Veliko Tarnovo enjoys a picturesque location, established on the Yantra River and spreading over three hills. The attractions of Veliko Tarnovo do not stop at sightseeing though. Here is what you can do in this beautiful Bulgarian city:

Tsarevets Fortress
The Tsarevets Fortress, located on the hill with the same name, is the pride of the region- and it is justly so. Tourists who visited this location were fascinated or even “mesmerized” with the sight of the 800 years old complex formed by the stronghold and by the remainings of the castle. Another featured building is Baldwin’s Tower, built in the 1930s to replace the original tower of the 14th century. Also, on the top of the hill, there is the recently reconstructed Patriarchal Cathedral of the Holy Ascension of God, after the plans of the original one, which stood in the very same spot 900 years ago.
This fortress is highlighted through a fantastic audiovisual show, carried out during the summer, in most of the evenings. For 20 minutes, the walls are inundated with color and light which changes according to music and to the solemn tones of the church bells.

Located near the city is a village which seems to have been teleported to our days directly from the history books. This scenic site, with its stone houses and its unreal overall appearance was created in the 15th century and soon became an important commercial centre, with the majority of its 1000 inhabitants being implicated in commercial activities. This very rich village started to decline in the 18th century, due to repeated organized robberies. Also devastating for the village was the cholera and plague epidemics which ended the bountiful period of Arbanassi forever. Except for the gorgeous aspect of the village, the monuments and the many historic churches and the rich merchant houses of the 18th century, which are opened to public, represent a great attraction of the area.

Nicopolis ad Istrum
After having explored all the places of interest within the city, it is time to turn your eyes on the E85 route to Ruse; 20 km away from Veliko Tarnovo, you will discover the site of the former Roman town built between 101 and 106. In the 5th century, the town was destructed by Huns and was abandoned since then. The beautiful roman ruins which still stand today worth being paid a visit.
The nightlife

An important university centre, Veliko Tarnovo is very animated during the night, when nightclubs and bars open their doors for students, tourists and locals alike. This modern twist comes to complete the image of this city and to make it even more attractive as a touristic destination.

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