The Caribbean for Less: Barbados

Who doesn’t want to take a long, lazy holiday in the sundrenched Caribbean islands? Barbados is the perfect destination for a relaxing vacation, and it’s not hard to find great days out for less than you would expect! Whether you’ve decided to stay at an all inclusive resort or a budget hotel, it’s always tricky finding a holiday that doesn’t leave your wallet feeling very, very light. With a few days out for less – or better yet, for free! – on this tropical island paradise, you can come home with a little cash left over, as well as an incredible tan.

There are a host of beautiful beaches on Barbados, and very few of them are private. Given the beautiful white sand and warm waters all around the island, it’s hard to find a bad spot to stretch out on a towel or hire a sun lounger. One of the best beaches to visit has to be Carlisle Bay which is known for its calm waters, ideal for scuba diving and snorkelling – or just having a paddle, whichever suits you best! Sun loungers and beach umbrellas are pretty cheap to hire at Lobster Alive, and usually come with a drink or two included.

When you eventually tire of the beaches – it might happen! And want to head in land, there are still loads of great free attractions. Given that Barbados is a tropical island, what better way to experience it than in a tropical jungle? Well, a tamed tropical jungle! Hunte’s Gardens are an incredible tropical garden created and owned by Anthony Hunte, who lives in the converted stables on site. It’s a fantastic day out to see the beautiful plants, as well as have a quick chat with Mr Hunte himself who is, famously, an amazing storyteller. Refreshments are available, and the rum punch is supposedly among the best on the island!

If history and culture are more your thing; heading to St Nicholas Abbey is almost a necessity. Don’t be deceived by the name – there’s nothing religious about this place unless rum is a deity to you! A plantation house in the middle of acres of sugar cane fields, St Nicholas Abbey is an incredible old building with a working rum distillery attached, and like Hunte’s Gardens, entry is free. It’s one of only three Jacobean mansions in the Western Hemisphere, let alone the Caribbean! It’s in amazing condition and it’s well worth taking a tour of the house, and make sure you check out the film shown of 1930s sugar plantation life. It’s a real window onto Barbadian history.

When you’re taking a holiday in Barbados, of course you want to enjoy the beautiful sunshine. It’s
probably one of the cheapest things you can do! But there’s so much more to this stunning island and when so much of it is free to visit, you’ve got no excuses to miss out. Whether it’s a modern rum distillery, fabulous architecture, beautiful beaches or incredible tropical plants, it’s easy to see the best of Barbados for less.

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