The difficulties you face by buying free travel insurance policy

The credit card companies and banks are providing free perks so that they may be able to get more and more customers. They are offering several types of insurance and the most popular amongst them is free travel insurance. The main problem that arises with free travel insurance is that although the policies are known as travel accident insurance, the policy is not the same as per the name.

It greatly depends on the type of credit card you are purchasing as to what conditions, exclusions and amount of coverage you may get from your free travel insurance policy. You need to know that the coverage offered by these free travel insurance policies is very much limited. Go through the terms and conditions of your policy before you choose to buy one so that you do not have to bear the expenses from your own pocket.

4 Points to know if your free travel insurance is sufficient to meet your needs

Go through this article to know about the 4 points that will help you understand if your free travel insurance is sufficient enough to satisfy your requirements.

1. You need to find out if your free travel insurance offers you coverage during emergency situations and unavoidable circumstances. These situations can be flight cancellation, trip cancellation, bad weather, illness or someone’s sudden death.

2. The free travel insurance policy that you may be having should cover any of the losses properly so that you may be able to continue your tour with ease. While traveling, it may happen that you lose one of your baggage or your baggage gets stolen. This small happening can spoil your entire journey and so, it is important to find out from before hand how much coverage your free travel insurance policy may be offering you.

3. It may happen that your flight gets cancelled suddenly or gets delayed. In such a situation, you’ll be requiring extra cash to bear the extra expenses such as spending the night at hotel, etc. Thus, it becomes important to know if your free travel insurance policy will be able to meet your needs.

4. You also need to check out if your free travel insurance policy offers the medical expenses in case you or any of your family members falls sick suddenly while on a tour.

Mostly the travelers are offered travel accident insurance policy. This policy offers insurance in case any accident occurs while you’re on a trip or any emergency situation suddenly arises. However, this type of policy does not offer you any extra travel benefits or additional coverage when you go on a tour during holidays. In most of the cases, you have to swap your credit card in order to buy the trip other wise, you’ll not be able to use the free travel insurance policy. This policy is applicable only when the traveler has booked the trip and accommodation with the help of the credit card.

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