The Top 3 Resorts in Disney World Orlando

So, after years of begging and tantrums, your kids have finally convinced you to take them on a trip to Disney world. Well, believe me when I say that Disney World is not necessarily a child’s heaven and a parent’s hell. Now I’m not just being bias because I went there when I was in my early teens/primary ages. The folks running Disney world and all six theme parks, along with the deluxe villas, value hotels, and moderate/deluxe resort hotels know that parents are the ones paying and so it’s important to keep both the parents and kids happy. They have to deliver value after you’ve flown all the way to Orlando expecting it.

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So, at this point you might be wondering where the ideal place for you to stay would be? Well I still remember planning where I’d like to stay, and I was presented with a list of acceptable resorts, and I had my pick. This way, my parents could get what they wanted from a resort, while keeping me happy – tactical move on their part.

So if you are too lazy to check out resorts that satisfy parents and children the best, don’t worry – because I’m happy to do that for you.

1.  The Animal Kingdom Resort

This might seem like a children oriented resort upon first look, but to be honest – it’s a perfect balance of parent and child ultimate satisfaction. This is where I chose to stay, and it is based on an animal reserve so looking out your balcony you can see and almost touch (in some cases) Giraffes, Rhinoceros’, Zebras, and 27 other distinct species. With four tropical savannah semi-circles of surrounded by hotel, the view is different from every room. This keeps kids entertained for hours, while parents can indulge in relaxation or casual chat around the fires throughout the African themed resort; they even arrange your bath towels in the shape of animals. Oh, and trust me when I say, the bacon there is literally, perfect.

2.  The Grand Floridian Resort & Spa

The different resorts in Disney World are based in different theme parks. There is Epcot, Animal Kingdom, Magic Kingdom, Typhoon Lagoon, Hollywood Studios, and Blizzard Beach. The Grand Floridian, is based in Magic Kingdom, which is designed for younger children and parents, as is this hotel. The themed resort focuses on luxury rather than its theme composition, so it’s great for parents. But it’s also got a plethora of children’s activities and things to keep them occupied. I’d recommend this for parents with younger children.

3.  Disney’s Polynesian Resort

The famous Polynesian resort in Disney World is located in the Magic Kingdom realm, and gives a distinct taste of culture to its theme. This resort was one that I saw while I was in Orlando, and it was like an ecosphere of a Polynesian island in my eyes. The amazing attention to detail was admirable, and the tropical theme keeps things relaxed. But even though it is relaxed it is also a playground for the kids. The main attraction of a 40ft volcano with a waterfall and waterslide, and water sports including parasailing makes this resort a clear juxtapose of excitement and relaxation in perfect harmony. So this resort is the ultimate family stay – not something you will forget!

These resorts can be expensive, which may be the determining factor. But it’s better to choose the hotel based on what you want not what you’re willing to pay, after all you have probably spent a lot to travel to Disney World Orlando.


Tom Wilson+ is an aspiring blog writer who has travelled to numerous parts of the world and writes by personal experience. Travelling is a passion that he wishes to fulfill, and writing on the destinations is both nostalgic and an informal memory.

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