The Top Ten Things to See in Moscow

Moscow is the capital of Russia. It is a major economic, political, cultural, financial, scientific and education center of both the country and the continent. This sprawling city boasts numerous museums, a dynamic nightlife, stunning architecture and a rich history. For tourists, the city is bursting with creative energy. For an unforgettable stay, check out these top ten things to see in Moscow:

1. Moscow Kremlin
Also known as The Kremlin, this is a historic fortified complex situated in the heart of Moscow. It is popular for the design and appearance of the Russian citadels that include four cathedrals, four palaces and the Kremlin Wall with its Kremlin towers. This Complex serves as the President of the Russian Federation’s official residence.

2. St. Basil’s Cathedral
This Russian Orthodox Church was erected between the years 1555 to 1561 in Red Square. Its purpose was to commemorate the capture of Kazan & Astrakhan. Before the completion of the Ivan the Great Bell Tower in the year 1600, this church was Moscow’s tallest building.

3. Red Square
This city square separates Kremlin and Kitai-gorod. It is regarded as the central square of both Moscow and the beating heart of all Russia.

4. The Bolshoi Theater
This historic theater was designed by the architect Joseph Bove. It hosts world-famous ballet and opera performances in Moscow. The Bolshoi Ballet are considered to be the greatest (and oldest) ballet company in the world. This Theater is the parent company of the world leading school of ballet, The Bolshoi Ballet Academy.

5. The Moscow State University
This is Russia’s largest and oldest state university. It also has the world’s tallest educational building.

6. Church of the Christ Savior
This is the world’s tallest Orthodox Church. It is situated west of the Kremlin and along the banks of the Moskva River.

7. Kremlin Armoury
This is one of Moscow’s oldest museums. It is to be found inside Moscow Kremlin. It was originally the Royal arsenal back in 1508. This armoury was in charge of purchasing, producing and storing the jewellery, weapons and other household articles for the tsars. Working here were the finest Muscovite jewellers, painters and gunsmiths. It now houses the treasures of both the Golden & Silver chambers of the tsars of Russia.

8. Gorky Park
This is an amazing amusement park in Moscow. It was named after Maxim Gorky, a Russian Soviet author, political activist and founder of the Socialist Realism literary method.

9. Terem Palace
This historical building in Moscow was formerly the residence of the tsars of Russia during the 17th century. It is now the President of Russia’s official residence.

10. Tretyakov Gallery
This art gallery has the foremost depository of Russian fine art worldwide. It started as a gallery filled with collections from Russian artists, and is now a museum of national art. The facade of the gallery was designed in classical Russian fairy tale style. It has over 130,000 exhibits that range from Andrei Rublevís Trinity and Wassily Kandinsky’s Monumental Composition VII to Theotokos of Vladimir and Kazimir Malevichís The Black Square.

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