Three Ways to Fund Your Weekend Getaway to Anywhere

Everyone in the world is descended from ancient nomadic tribes, which makes sense considering that most people love to get out of their own town for a nice getaway every now and again. Travelers can enjoy a break from everyday life by taking weekend road trips or by RVing across the country. Unfortunately, the current economic climate makes it difficult to save any substantial amount of money to use for a quick vacation. Most people work hard just to keep their bills paid. Luckily, there are at least three ways that you can make some quick additional money to fund your weekend getaway…to anywhere.

Street Sales: Sell Them What They Need

Selling things on the side of a busy street can potentially pay for an entire trip in one day. It may be necessary to check with local authorities to see if it is legal in a certain area, but an overabundance of newspaper peddlers and car wash sign holders usually means the practice is legal in that location. To make a decent amount of money, you simply have to know what to sell on any given day.


During the summer, for example, cold soft drinks and bottled water are likely to bring in some serious cash. These products can be bought in bulk at your local wholesale club and then sold at inflated prices. When there is a need for cold drinks on a hot summer day, people are willing to pay a little more for the convenience of buying a drink curbside. During the winter, people might enjoy hot chocolate, coffee, or even hot, boiled peanuts. Making money through street vending is just a matter of knowing what customers need; a simple supply and demand equation.


Title Loans: Cash for Your Car

Many people don’t realize that they have a potential goldmine surrounding them every time they go on a trip. Using just your car as collateral, a title pawn agency will loan you an amount of money from hundreds to thousands of dollars. Amazingly enough, these types of lending companies do not even keep the car, just the title, until you pay back your loan.


If you choose to obtain a vehicle title loan to fund your weekend getaway, you can then make minimum monthly payments to the lender until the loan is completely paid off. You also have the option to pay more than the minimum requirement each month in order to pay off the car title loan even faster. Your automobile is often your mode of transportation to your favorite destinations. Why not let it be your source of funding for these trips as well?

Donate Plasma: Help Others, Help Yourself

Donating plasma is a great way of making some extra money for your next trip, while helping those in need. It will not likely pull in the type of quick cash that borrowing against your car or being a street vendor for the day will, but it can pay for your trip in just a couple of weeks. Plasma centers are allowed to take donations from an individual only two times within a week’s period, and they usually pay between thirty and forty dollars for each donation.


If you have never donated plasma before, you may even be able to make close to one-hundred dollars for your first two donations. This is because plasma centers cannot use the plasma until a donor has donated twice, so the donation centers will usually incentivize the first two visits. Another added benefit to giving the gift of plasma is that donors get their vital health statistics checked every time they donate. Think of it as a free health check to make sure all is well before you hit the road for your next weekend excursion.


Saving enough disposable income to finance a weekend getaway can be a difficult task if you are depending on the sole income of your job. Fortunately, there are easy ways to earn quick cash that can benefit everyone from high school seniors to senior citizens. A quick influx of a few hundred dollars can finance a short trip out of state, affording you a few days to relax and get away from the daily grind. Sometimes, trying to generate that quick influx of cash can be your biggest challenge. When working hard doesn’t provide the money necessary to enjoy life, it’s time to think outside the box. These three outside-the-box methods are sure to fund your next enjoyable trip, without putting a strain on your wallet.


Karla M. Somers is a writer who enjoys taking last-minute trips on a shoestring budget. She is a regular contributing author for theloan experts at TitleMasters, an Atlanta area lending company. TitleMasters helps people obtain cash for their vehicles to fund home improvements, pay bills, or take weekend getaways to their favorite destinations.


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