Top 5 Australian Cruise Destinations

For down under the top five best cruises are diverse and give a wide appeal to those who take them. They each offer unique and interesting experiences.

1. Sydney Harbour. Sydney’s harbor is full of scenic things to see and famous for its sights. Many appeared in movies and are well known around the world. For corporations with lavish catered meals and wedding receptions this cruise has something special to offer. A cruise at night has its own enchantment thanks to the lights of the city.

2. The Great Barrier Reef. Lying off the coast of Queensland, this is a very popular place because of all its natural beauty. You can also enjoy the benefits of water sports and spend extra time exploring the hidden coves and inlets that are easily missed on a general cruise.

3. Murray River. The Murray River stretches its way through South Australia. It offers such spectacular scenery and a chance to enjoy one of the historical cruises. You can also experience a stop at the Zoological Park or the Mannum’s floating museum.

4. The Kimberly River. This is a cruise along a territory that is full of surprises. Those who get the opportunity to visit this area by cruise do it in full comfort and ease. It provides a very relaxing journey where you get the benefit of enjoying all the wonderful sights available from this territory.

5. Tasmania. There are cruises to Tasmania that come directly from Melbourne and Sydney. They give you luxury suites to stay in while being taken to see the charms and colorful appeal of its different ports. It provides some truly memorable moments of having the chance to see the areas magical riverfront. With so many amazing sights to enjoy and stunning landscapes the traveler will come away with an appreciation for how breathtaking this part of Australia can be.

Shon Siemonek from Cheap Deal Cruises, Australia.

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