Top 5 Idaho Vacations

As you sit back and think about your family summer vacation, consider Idaho. While it may not be a place you have considered in the past, you should move it to the top of your list. This underrated tourist state has endless possibilities for family fun such as outdoor explorations and exceptional cultural activities.


Craters of the Moon National Monument & Preserve

This area is not your average national park. The land is actually surfaced by extremely young lava flow. The volcanic area is filled with adventure and excitement at every turn. You can hike through a number of trails to observe how the area is taking shape from the lava flow. You can also take bicycle tours or bird watching hikes. You can even explore the many ancient caves and native tunnels throughout the land with a travel guide.


Explore the Old Mines

Idaho has done an excellent job in preserving several old mining towns. You will be able to take your family back in time. While some kids may not become overly excited at the notion of observing an old man dressed up in traditional attire, they may get excited about taking a mining cart deep underground or the possibility to learn how to hunt. These areas offer a bit of everything for everyone in the family.


A Traditional Outdoor Adventure

If you seek a more traditional Idaho family vacation, consider spending quality and adventure-filled time in the Hells Canyon National Recreation Area. If the kids do not get excited straight away about the idea of spending a week or two in the great outdoors, they may just change their minds when they get to say the proper name of the recreation area over and over again. The entire family will be able to go trekking, fishing, rafting, horse riding and more. The area is vast and the opportunities are even greater.


The Great Boise Surprise

Boise became a Top 10 Best Places to Live, Work & Play city in 2012. If you seek a bit of culture in the city, take the kids to the Bosque Museum & Cultural Center or to the amphitheater alongside the Boise River to watch Shakespeare. If you wish to experience spectacular cuisine, try the raw bar or the Bosque pub. You can even spend the day relaxing as you float down the river in inner tubes.


Sun Valley

This area is for the culture seekers. You will not only be surrounded by spectacular beauty, your family will have access to some of the most inspired art galleries in the country. You can go mountain biking, shopping, attend tennis camp for the young and grown alike, enjoy bbq, swim in the Olympic-size pool and go for a hike and picnic. You should not miss the Ernest Hemingway memorial site while you are in the area to end your cultural adventure of Idaho.


And you thought there was nothing to do in Idaho. A fun-filled and adventure-filled family vacation awaits you each and every year in the Gem State.

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