Top 5 places to spend your honeymoon in Europe

A honeymoon is considered as being a continuation of the wedding celebration and is definitely an exciting moment in the life of a person. Indeed most people will be desperate to organize something that they will still remember in their old age. This is why I am providing you the top 5 places that you could consider spending your honeymoon.


What a better place to celebrate your honeymoon than Venice, the romantic city. There are different activities that are specially designed to make your honeymoon a really memorable experience. For instance you will be able to savor a candlelit dinner together with live music that will surely make an unforgettable moment for you. You should not miss a trip in one of the various gondola in order to discover the Venetian canal.


Paris is another interesting city where you could spend your honeymoon. The city and France in general has a great history when it comes to culture and haute cuisine and should indeed be a great place for you to spend the best moment of your life. Among the various places that you could visit you have the Eiffel tower and the Louvre museum. Do not miss the exquisite Paris nightlife during your honeymoon.


London, the cosmopolitan city is another great place that you should consider when it comes to planning your honeymoon. Whether you are fond of art, entertainment or fine cuisine you are sure going to enjoy London during your stay. Among other places of interest you will be able to have a look at places such as Buckingham palace and Kensington palace. Just as in Paris and Venice, do not miss the opportunity of having a candlelit dinner in one of the many romantic restaurants.


If you are considering the Netherlands for your honeymoon then you should not look further than Amsterdam. With a mixture of culture and people you are sure going to enjoy this place irrespective of the place you come from. Once there do not miss a tour of the museums and the diverse parks that are present in the city. When it comes to romance do not miss a night time boat ride. This is indeed a moment that you will want to relish and that will create some great memories for years to come.


Istanbul is the largest city in Turkey and is indeed a place to consider if you are looking for a place to spend your honeymoon. Being at the crossroad of Europe and Asia you should expect to discover a wide variety of culture that will sure make some wonderful additions to your honeymoon celebration. If you are going there during the summer try to consider going on one of the various sailing trip that will sure guarantee you some wonderful moments.

When it comes to honeymoon, there are plenty of spots that are available in Europe. In truth it will all depend on your own taste and your own budget. So make sure that you plan well if you want to enjoy this wonderful moment of your life to the max.

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