Top 5 take out items ordered by families when they travel

The US is home to many different cultures and cuisines from all over the world. This makes dining an essential part of the American tradition. There are many options for families while traveling in the US. The top five takeout items that travelers order in the US represent many different cultures.

Cheeseburger With Lettuce, Tomato and Onion free creative commons

The American Cheeseburger

The American made cheeseburger is one of the most common and cliché items for travelers to takeout. Yet it is cliché for a reason as these burgers are part of tradition American cuisine. A juicy cheeseburger full of onions, tomatoes, lettuce, pickles and additional sauces make for a great American meal. The standard American cheeseburger comes with cheddar cheese yet there are a multitude of cheeses available. Along with the cheeseburger it is best to order French fries for takeout. These are commonly ordered with cheeseburgers all over America. This meal is very simple and often prepared in less than ten minutes. It is best to avoid run of the mill fast food restaurants as these do not represent American culture. Stopping by a family owned diner or grill will provide the best takeout foods possible.


Amazing Options For Pizza

Pizza has found its new home in the United States thank in large part to a long history of immigrants. There are many styles of pizza available for takeout while traveling in the US. A traditional Italian pizza will provide the whole family with a blend of American and Italian cultures. Chicago style deep dish pizza is a great alternative as well. These pizzas are much heartier than most yet are perfect for takeout. A New York style pizza is great for takeout and can be find in restaurants and carts in all major cities. These pizzas generally have a thinner crust but with a magnitude of taste. A pizza is a great option for families traveling as they are often inexpensive and can feed a large amount of people.

Hot Dogs

Hot dogs are very well rooted in American culture. These foods are perfect for families because of their small size, low cost and their ability to subside any amount of hunger. A hot dog with a toasted bun is the perfect lunch for any traveling family. There are many toppings to enhance the hot dog such as mustard, ketchup, relish and onions. Trying as many varieties as possible can make for an enjoyable takeout experience for any family.

Tacos And Burritos

Mexican cuisine has become an integral part of American culture. There are many traditional Mexican foods available for convenient takeout all over the country. A taco or burrito will be a great choice for any hungry family. These dishes often come with steak, pork, chicken, shrimp or any other type of seafood. Choosing from the best salsas will enhance the experience and will make for a festive experience. Make sure to stockpile tortilla chips as these are great for getting the most out of salsas and dips.

Buffalo wings

Any family traveling in the US needs to pick up Buffalo wings. This quintessential bar food is common for sporting events, parties or just the occasional night out. Buffalo wings are pieces of chicken that are breaded and decorated in spicy sauces. It can be enjoyable for families to test out as many different sauces as possible. These sauces range from mild to extremely spicy. Ranch or bleu cheese dressing is great additions for this meal.

These are the top five takeout items ordered by families while traveling in the US. Each meal is relatively inexpensive and widely available. These meals are perfect for families looking for a slice of American culture and cuisine. These meals can be found in any city or town. No family should travel the US without trying one of the above takeout items.

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